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Textile worker attacks boss with bush-knife

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NHLANGANO-In an incident that raises questions over security in workplaces, a textile worker has been arrested after attacking her Asian manager with a bushknife at work.

The allegedly abusive male Asian manager was assaulted before nearly being hacked with a bush knife by an upset Vivian Dludlu (33).
The drama according to highly reliable sources unfolded last Thursday, at Brand Knitting Factory (Juries) opposite the old Magistrate Court building.

Dludlu yesterday appeared for her case at the Magistrate’s Court.
The bone of contention is a clock card belonging to Dludlu, which was allegedly thrown in her face by her manager, Carlos Pivoria.
A source close to the matter said it was common knowledge that the two were not in good terms for the past few months and each time during inspection of cards, the manager would throw the clock card at Dludlu’s face, something which she did not take kindly to.


Last Wednesday, Carlos allegedly went about his duties of card inspection and again, threw the card in Dludlu’s face.
The next day, Dludlu is alleged to have brought a bush knife to work hidden underneath her clothes.
“Even the security guard did not see the bush knife hidden by the woman. Her aim was to hack Carlos for continuously abusing her,” said a worker who witnessed the scenario.

The woman allegedly chased after Carlos armed with the bush knife inside the sewing department and it is alleged that efforts to calm her hit a snag as she threatened to assault and hack them.
Carlos was saved by a security guard manning the entrance at the gate.
A case of common assault was opened.

Dludlu pleaded guilty to the charge and told the court she was acting in self defence as she alleged that it was Pivoria who assaulted her first and that she had enough of his abusive actions.
She told the court she normally brought the bush knife to work to protect herself from thugs as they normally work overtime.
Magistrate Musa Nxumalo warned the woman against carrying dangerous weapons to work as it put the lives of other employees at risk.
She was cautioned and discharged.

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