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MBABANE - One of King Maloyi III’s umphakatsi elders allegedly grabbed land belonging to a 62-year-old widow, without her knowledge, last week.

Speaking to Eswatini News, Gogo Ntombi Mavimbela said Bandlancane Ntuthwakwazi, next to Lubulini, took over her family land and was currently constructing a football pitch without her consent,  let alone knowledge. Gogo Mavimbela said the land belonged to her late husband who was a teacher by profession. “I have been harvesting maize on that land for over 17 years and I was shocked to learn from neighbours that my land is being turned into a soccer pitch for the community. Ever since I found a grader tilling my land, I am even struggling to sleep at night,” she lamented.
After learning about the development, Gogo Mavimbela said she immediately reported the matter to the same royal kraal. “I went there last Friday as they always meet on that specific day every week, but I was told that I do not have the authority to speak to them because I am a woman.


“I was told to bring my brother-in-law, whom they said was the only authority they could relate to concerning my matter,” said Gogo Mavimbela.
“After being told that I was a woman and therefore  do not quality  to speak to them, they ordered that I return next Friday with my brother-in-law.
“Now, sadly my brother–in-law and I do not see eye to eye on certain matters, hence we are not on speaking terms. “I am just a widow fighting for what is mine but no one is helping,” said a sombre Mavimbela. When asked if the members of bandlancane had ever approached or even hinted to her that they would take over the land, she responded to the negative.

“I am not even recognised as a person by the members of bandlancane and to them it is as if I do not exist, just because I am a woman. “I am now old and a widow and people are taking advantage of me in my old age. “I would understand if it were a development project that is being built on my land and even then they should have engaged me.  I assumed authority over the land, the day my husband passed away,” Gogo Mavimbela pointed out.


Indvuna yeMcuba Meshack Mavimbela, when contacted by this publication, confirmed the latest development but quickly stated that it was the Chairman of the development committee, Bonginkhosi Mathunjwa, who was better placed to shed some light on this matter. “Here is Babe Mathunjwa, who can comment on the matter that you are talking about,” said the indvuna before he handed over the cellphone  to Mathunjwa.
The chairman was asked if the allegations levelled against the umphakatsi by Gogo Mavimbela were true, he said that she had no authority over any land as she was a woman.

“Gogo Mavimbela is a woman and, therefore, she cannot speak on matters about land in the absence of her brother-in-law. Gogo Mavimbela should bring her brother-in-law here in our next meeting and that is when we are going to hear her side of the story,” said  Mathunjwa. When asked if they as bandlancane engaged Gogo Mavimbela over the use of her land, Mathunjwa said that he had engaged Gogo Mavimbela’s brother-in-law over the use of the land. “As I said before, he  has the rightful authority over the land in the family, not Gogo Mavimbela who only came to wed into the family,” added Mathunjwa.

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