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MBABANE – The existence of the Premier League of Eswatini (PLE) is under threat.

This is according to the executive summary of the PLE five-year strategic plan presented to the organisation’s members during the postponed annual general meeting (AGM) last Saturday at the Happy Valley Hotel.

It is stated in the report that the PLE undertook the drawing up of the five-year road map for the premier and first division leagues in the country in light of the unforeseen break presented by the national lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


“This is a difficult and extremely challenging period for the PLE as the pandemic has resulted in the total shutdown of all football and business activities with the future very uncertain. The PLE clubs existence and indeed the PLE existence, is under serious threat as revenue from gate takings is zero and that from sponsors no longer certain as the sponsors themselves face economic challenges,” the reads the report in part.
As stated in the report, the PLE convened a two-day strategic session at Sigwaca House involving all exco members and selected members of the board of governors facilitated by KhosiKen Management Consultancy.


“The strat-session undertook an analysis of the strength and weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) of the Premier League of Eswatini to establish a concrete understanding of where the PLS is currently, where it desires to be and how it plans to get there. The SWOT analysis helped the exco to come to a common understanding of the exact situation on the ground within the PLE and to plan appropriate strategies to address the various challenges it identified effectively.

The SWOT analysis involved input from all members attending the stra-session,” the report further reads.
The facilitator, being KhosiKen, highlighted the various areas needing attention in order to improve the performance of the PLE to a level where it is competitive internationally. This is where the session drew up objectives to address each of the identified key performance areas such that each objective has its specific strategy and actions in order to be realised.


It is stated that these objectives form the basis of the strategic plan from which the PLE business, operational, marketing and communication will be developed in order to successfully co-ordinate the operations of the chairman, board members, exco, management, staff, business partners, sponsors and stakeholders. “The PLE business plan will be the core document from which the PLE will draw up its budget, operational, marketing and communication plans for all various activities.

“These plans will enable the PLE management to ensure that the PLS acts with unity of purpose and that everyone involved with the PLE is very clear on the role they are expected to play,” the report further states. The areas deemed as vital for the PLE to be successful and effective as illustrated in the report include leadership and governance, sponsorship and funding, collaboration with EFA and government, organisational development, administration and HR development.

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