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MBABANE – With the outbreak of COVID-19, training remains key for athletes to keep fit and healthy.

Wherein, Eswatini Ashihara Karate Association this past Sunday, at Sheba’s Breast Hiking Trail, Ezulwini after long hours of training and preparations, finally managed to shoot their Tournament Preparation Training DVD in different locations.

The association’s senior Sensei, Abdul Khaaliq, said the shooting focused on stamina training, conditioning and explosiveness. The students were doing sprints uphill, from the bottom of Sheba’s Breast to the peak of the trail, which is the Breast, for opening their chest in order to be conditioned for extra time or extension and for them not to get tired easily when competing.


“The short uphill sprints help with endurance and teach students to control their breathing to conserve oxygen in intense explosive bouts. Normally, a fighter before reaching finals in a normal tournament division, he or she has done plus or minus five bouts, excluding extension (draws),” he said.

For conditioning, Khaaliq said they were required to run uphill carrying a person’s weight on their back, which finished their energy (extra weight), the hill finishes or conditions their legs.

“The exercise further builds that ‘don’t give up mentality’ wherein the extra weight, tiredness, burning legs and one might feel exhausted and want to give up a fight. However, if well-conditioned, the spirit of maintaining the challenge or any adversity not only in the ring or in karate, but also in life challenges, one can have the mentality of ‘not now, I can do this, I am not tired, am almost there, one more step and am home’. The winner’s mentality, perseverance, determination, dedication and striving to finish what one started,” explained the sensei.

Some of the DVD scenes are done, only a few will be waiting for the lockdown to be lifted, for they are to be taken at the dojo/Karate training clubs.
The DVD is meant to prepare top athletes for any championships, which will include stretching, warm up exercises, stamina building, conditioning, a diet, fighting drills on a heavy bag, pad work, partner work and other tournament preparation requirements.


“For the past weekend, Eswatini Ashihara Karate would like to thank, Sensei Abdul Khaaliq, Kohai Mazwe Zwane, Kohai Phila Dlamini, Nigel Simelane, Aldridge Chihava, Charlton, Wendy Magagula and the shooting crew: Sifiso Hlatjwayo and Zama. End of production is expected by end of July in preparation for our 2020 Eswatini Top 20 Sabaki Challenge, in memory of the late Shihan Mathokoza Clement Dlamini,” he added.

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