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PIGG’S PEAK – It was literally guns blazing in a chaotic Killarney Stadium, as Green Mamba sneaked into the Last 16 of the EswatiniBank Cup here yesterday.

Off the pitch incidents, especially in the second half, were a head-turner as Green Mamba beat Hhohho Super League side Zibonele Vultures 3-1 in first round of the Eswatini Bank Cup outside the small Pigg’s Peak town. The drama started immediately after the first half. Raymond Dlamini, the head coach of Malanti Chiefs crossed in front of the dressing rooms that were allocated to and used by Green Mamba.

Officials from the correctional side confronted the coach, who is reportedly the owner of the Hhohho Regional Super League outfit. Apparently, Dlamini was just passing by to the next dressing rooms where Vultures were booked to have a word or two with the coaches and players. Police had to intervene to stop the chaos as it was then a raucous affair, with supporters from both teams having joined and making the situation worse. Police did a good job to control the situation but were called to duty shortly thereafter. This time, as the second half progressed on the pitch, an unidentified fan allegedly assaulted one of the home team’s ball boys with open hands. It was the ball boy behind Green Mamba’s goal post to be precise.

A group of Vultures fans charged towards the fan and wanted to beat him up in revenge but officials from His Majesty’s Correctional Services chauffeured the fan in their quantum which was at the stadium in an attempt to take him to safety out of the stadium.


Other supporters of Vultures were in serious conflict with police officers at the gate, they forced the police not to open the gate for the quantum until the fan alleged to have assaulted the ball boy was taken out of the vehicle. Police had a tough time controlling the chaos this time and one suspected to be a plain-clothes police was forced to draw out a gun as they tried to put the situation to order. Meanwhile, Vultures scored first, five minutes into the second half. Mlungisi Ngwenya unleashed a volley that was too much for Thokozani Mkhulisi to stop and the celebrations almost had the stadium quivered as the home supporters congratulated the players. However, their joy was short-lived.


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