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MBABANE – Muscle growth takes time and a whole lot of patience, but it is worth the wait.  “Transformation is an ongoing process that tends to appear ordinary, when in fact something extraordinary is taking place,” once said Suzy Rose. 

If you set yourself certain physique goals, the best way to do it is to apply the rightful mindset because it is our thoughts that hold the key to miraculous transformation.


Lifting weights can deliver the results you have been dreaming of. 
In a space of three years, Lynsey Martin has built her body with a mix of heavyweight lifting which she does five to six times a week and through strategic cardio.

Her fitness journey involved a change of diet and sticking to a strict training routine.
After having two children and weighing 50kg on the scale, the 33-year-old lady felt the need to regain her fitness and with the help of her personal trainer, whom she met at Mbabane Club Gym, Arnaldo Barbosa, she is amazed by the fruits of her hard work.

Some people are astounded when she says 55.6kg is her heaviest weight ever.
Gaining weight and building firm muscles has proved to be the real answer to good health for her.

She is currently a professional bodybuilder and bikini model. During her three-year journey, she has qualified as a health and wellness coach and also a pregnancy coach.

Martin’s story is testimony that nothing beats passion and determination. “I never dreamt that I would do what I do now! It has been an incredible journey from where I started up to today- one that has taught me so much about myself, body and mind. Arnaldo’s passion and professionalism for the sport is invaluable to me,” she said.


Martin says her transformation demanded a lot of time and dedication.
Training for her has turned into a lifestyle and more than just a fitness goal.
During this course, she has developed the love of healthy food, which also inspired her to open her own food outlet, Pink Lotus, which is located at the Mall in Mbabane.

“It has always been a dream of mine to open my own business and being able to help people explore new food and dishes is such a bonus. I love helping others find peace with their relationship with food and guiding them to better health by assisting them not only to adjust their eating habits but their mindset too,” she added.

Some of her sporting achievements include shining in the Kwazulu-Natal Ironman Bodybuilding Championships where she won second place in 2017.
She has also competed in all five editions of Barbosa Classic Bodybuilding competitions.

Martin further advised mainly ladies who tend to be emotionally depressed due to their physical appearance, to work for the bodies that they desire. You will not get that body by sitting on it. The best way forward is simply working towards it.

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