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MBABANE – Using bad running shoes can spoil your day out running.  It is important for every athlete whether competing or for physical fitness, to wear supportive footwear with enough shock-absorbing cushion and the right arch support for your foot, or invest in insoles that will push on the plantar and keep it from flexing.

Running shoes are the most important purchase you’ll make as a runner. The right pair of shoes will help running feel good, while providing some protection from the impact forces of your foot strikes.

Majority of athletes suffer from plantar fasciitis which may result from a variety of factors, including wearing unsupportive shoes, starting a running programme too aggressively or a general lack of foot strength.

According to runnersworld.com, plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain in runners, tends to produce pain during the push-off phase while running, not during initial contact when the foot lands on the ground.
A sharp stabbing pain or deep ache in the arch of your foot or in the middle of the bottom of your heel.

With the ‘Wafa Wafa’ 21km, 10km and 5km only five days away, it is important that runners prepare the right gear for the event. There will be no time to rest for the athletes as the Tuff One half marathon hosted by Golden Foot is also on the cards a week later.

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