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Enhliziyweni yami kukhala esakho isiginci ... akekho omunye nguwe kuphela, Ngempela ... ngempela ... ngempela ... ngathi ngabheka emehlweni ngavela ngabona uthando ... inhliziyo yami ikhethe wena ... amehlo ami anjonge wena...”

Sangena Gazi singena with one of the favourite songs of our ex-officio member, sisho Umlangeni lotifelako ngalengoma ya-Sjava featuring DJ Maphorisa & Howard these days and we even suspect kutsi ngatsi sotfole macondane wakhe wamampela these days because noma ayotsela li-coffee in the kitchen espani uyayibhimba lengoma. Phela, to be honest, he is not gifted in the vocal chords ... nawukhashane ungaze ugijime utsi bayamshaya xem wa-Nkhosi. Kuhlabela phela Gazi akufani nekubhala singisi.

We even advised him recently kutsi abohlabela naka yedvwa ageza ebhavini because angehlula Barry White kuphela ngekuhlabela. Hahahahaha ... asigcine lapha Gazi singaze sitfole i-warning letter ngoba nje leliviki lakhe, especially Wednesday night was too bad kwatise kutsi nale-Pirates yakhona yakhala phansi le-kappa kantsi nalama-Red Devils ase Manchester (tsine ke we are Liverpool and we were born to hate Manchester United) atfola sicatfulo ku-Tottenham Hotspurs on the same night.

This prompted one of our crew members who support the London club to say, “The silence of GGMU on Facebook is proudly sponsored by Tottenham Hotspur,” Hahahahaha ...

Gazi, we may laugh now but after we were told the sad story of this foreign coach who is trying to bring back the glory days to this top, top, top club leyake yabusa ngetikhatsi tayo. Phela we like the coach because he speaks his mind and he brooks no nonsense. He respects the media and is friendly to his players and fans.

Last Sunday inspite of his team not winning leka-Somhlolo, he took time to take selfies with many fans of lelicembu lelikhulu which enjoys a lot of support from our crew members. The coach longasiko ncama kakhulu had no problem taking selfies with the club fans who love him to bits.

It made us feel kutsi maybe this is the right time to give you this juicy story of the unfortunate thing that happened to the likeable coach just after he arrived in the country. Sambona nje Sunday kutsi cha vele sewa recover. Time phela Gazi is the greatest healer. You can ask some of our crew members who were dumped by their little nyoninyonis baphindze baganwa futsi.

Such is life. Iyachubeka Gazi. Gegegegegegege……….tsine ke Gazi nawutsi uyasala sivele sitsi nje ‘minus one problem’, sitfole lomunye.
Hawu Gazi, inkinga ikuphi? Tsine sayekeliswa libele sisalitsandza! Gagagagagaga ... we digress. Phela the coach was sleeping kwangena botsotsi who broke the window and took some of his valuables including his wallet and cellphone.
The coach heard nothing as he was snoring like a lion inside the flat the club had got for him. When he woke up ekuseni, it was only then that he realised he had been robbed.

The club moved him immediately to a hotel room ngala Ezulwini where he resides now. We hope nje the security at this hotel or guest house is tight because we don’t want the coach to be home sick. We know he loves his family back home such that after a massive win recently, he even asked the sports journos to give a minute just to return a missed call from his wife. “Madoda aseninginike isikhashane ngishayele unkosikazi kune missed call yakhe lafonini,” he bellowed.

His wish was granted Gazi by the hecks and then he afforded tintsantseli the opportunity to interview him. We like this coach and he is very PROFESS-ional. However, we will like him more if he is safe and continues to do a great job at our favourite top club. The glory days are back, we hope so ...

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