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MBABANE – Have you ever wondered why there are a few sex workers in the capital city?

Well, those who ply their trade in this sector are of the view that there is very little business in this city.
Even though there are no statistics to back this claim, the sex workers said there was not much ‘activity’ in Mbabane for them to do business.
One sex worker, Candy*, when asked to describe the kind of activity they were referring to said, “Our clients are mainly found in bars or drinking spots.

Mbabane’s night life is not amusing; there is very little activity in terms of bars that stay open till the wee hours of the morning.”
She named the sex hot spots as Matsapha, Manzini, Malkerns and Ezulwini.


“You hardly run out of clients in these areas, and the men are not so uptight, unlike in Mbabane,” chipped in Cebi*.
Both women are from Mbabane but travel to the hot spot areas for business.
“There is nothing we can do. We tried to lure potential clients outside one of the bars in Mbabane but it just never worked. At times, we would go home empty handed and this did not make business sense to us,” Candy said.

When asked, what is so different about the four places, they said: “We have noted that there are a lot of men in bars located in the four places.
“These men are willing to spend on us, they are not uptight,” Cebi explained.

A report on the Hot Spots Assessment (Snapshot) done by Alfred Mndzebele of Solutions Health and Development Consultancy reveals that the existence of sex hot spots is a reality. The report further shows that the hot spots are usually places of fun and night life with alcohol offered for sale.
The places are frequented by both human and vehicle traffic. Most of the spots did not offer free condoms, but sold them over the counter.
The hot spots were situated in industrial areas with a lot of bars and traffic of light and heavy vehicles including trucks.

The Matsapha area, it was noted, has a number of men under the uniformed services,” reads the report in part.
The researchers had 10 informants to assist them in putting together the report, whose ages ranged between 18 and 32.
They all concurred that sex workers charge between E50 and E300 for each session.

The informants, though were interviewed individually, in different spots and days, they all described their clients to be men whose occupations include soldiers, businessmen, police, priests, gospel singers , truck drivers, Members of Parliament, those in  high positions and white men.


Most of the clients are met on one night stand basis, but there is a growing number of regulars who are provided with the sex worker’s mobile phone numbers.
The informants said in most cases, they were picked from the roadsides, streets, bars and on few occasions, by appointment from special places by the clients.

The sexual intercourse, according to the informants is carried out in the following places:
* Cars
* Hotels
* Lodges
*Rooms rented by the girls
* Sometimes in houses where the men stay.

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MaWawisto on 03/11/2014 07:08:07
Can I please have their numbers please..lol
tholakele on 03/11/2014 08:53:17
this is true, one lady was saying the same thing on swazi tv during program asidumise last week but some people are blaming her as if ucalabantfu especially men, this is true they are sex pests

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