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MBABANE – The future of 20 pupils was placed in jeopardy after a security guard was ordered to lock them out of the school premises during the ongoing Form III exams yesterday.

Majahonke Gama, a security guard at Masibekela High School, said he was ordered by Head teacher Enock Dlamini to lock the Form III pupils out of the school.
“The pupils have to come back with their parents and stand outside the school premises. Angangibulala nabangangena,” he said.

Gama was being questioned as to why the pupils were languishing outside the school premises during school hours. The pupils interjected during the interview and said they were ordered to leave the premises because they had phoned the police to inform them of the alleged abuse they had suffered at the hands of the head teacher.

“We made a call to the police because the head teacher severely beat us for being absent on Monday. But we only missed school because we had no examination and wanted to study at home,” one of the pupils said.
The pupils said they were given seven strokes each before being ordered to arrange building bricks.
The ordeal took place on Tuesday, but they were still forced after that to sit for their exams.

“I told the head teacher while he was thrashing us that I was suffering from severe headaches. I had to write the exam in tears.”
Another student said the ordeal induced an asthma attack.
 “Now we are just sitting here instead of studying. Our bags are locked inside the school premises,” one learner said.
They claimed they were refused the opportunity to take their books. 

The head teacher refuted ordering any pupils to leave the school.
Dlamini said he took responsibility of punishing pupils at the school, but had not chased them away.
“I have not ordered any pupils to leave the school,” he said.

Dlamini refused to comment further, saying he had to prepare for examinations. Two police officers, however, seemed to be more fortunate than this publication. They managed to convene a meeting with Dlamini and a parent of a pupil.
After four hours, the pupils were summoned to the school, briefly, before being ordered to leave again. When they were interviewed, they said the head teacher disputed chucking them out.
“He disputed ejecting us from the school, but said we should wait outside the school premises and would be let in when the exam was about to begin,” one pupil said.

Comments (4 posted):

Andille Shongwe on 23/10/2014 09:34:27
The head-teacher did a bad thing...he wasn't supposed to beat the student because they had their exams going on and on top of that some students were sick.
Goodman Simelane on 23/10/2014 15:39:03
Some school principals are big headed.How can you thrash pupils before exams?This is child abuse.
Zwane Hlobsile on 23/10/2014 15:53:44
how can you write ,under the influence of pain,to worsen matters yours exam paper .It is high time the ministry of education to organise workshops for all the teachers who did not have the chance of learning inclusive education .The school is not a place of blows
Kholekile msibi on 23/10/2014 17:09:02
bonile nje kubashaya kufanele bahambe baye kuyocolisa!!!!!

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