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MBABANE – Prime Minister Sibusiso Dlamini says Vincent Ncongwane, Sipho Gumedze and the other Swazis who attended the recently concluded United States-Africa leaders Summit opposed the King.

Dlamini said it was a serious offence to stand against the King and oppose him, in his effort to help government and the country regain admission into the list of African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) beneficiaries.
The PM said the King had no ulterior motives when he went to the summit to try and negotiate for Swazis not to lose their jobs.

“It is unusual that live naliphuma balihambe ngemuva bayoliphikisa. Kuphikisa live is not allowed. Actually, no country can allow that. (It is unusual that when the head of state goes out to attend meetings, people go behind his back to oppose him. That is not allowed and no country can allow that),” said Dlamini.

He said government took serious exception to what the unionists did and their issue would be addressed when they come back to Swaziland.
“It is now becoming a habit that people do as they please in the country. It is okay to oppose and stage a protest action against government but not against the King,” he said.

He said the king was excluded because he did not have opposition. Gumedze and Ncongwane were among Swazis who participated in the unprecedented summit, where His Majesty together with more than 40 African heads of state discussed various issues with the US government, including the issue of AGOA. Swaziland was recently kicked out of AGOA, after the country failed to meet certain benchmarks.
Gumedze is a human rights lawyer and Ncongwane is Secretary General of the Trade Union Congress of Swaziland (TUCOSWA).

Government is taking serious exception to the activities of the two in the summit mainly because the two partook in meetings that resulted to the preclusion of the country in another crucial meeting. Swaziland was precluded from participating on the AGOA deliberations, on the part of the civil society engagements where all other African governments were represented; except for Swaziland.
This was where the fate of Swaziland on AGOA was sealed and put to bed.

They also protested around the meeting area in Washington, brandishing placards that demonised Swaziland’s record of freedom of speech.
The unionists were also part of protesters who staged a march around the Hilton hotel where the Swaziland delegation was accommodated.
In the House of Assembly last Wednesday, the PM informed Members of Parliament (MPs) that the two unionists should be `strangulated’ (a figurative term meaning `to discipline’) because they went to Washington under the pretext of going to salvage Swaziland from losing AGOA benefits.

Speaking to the Times SUNDAY, Dlamini said the unionists became an opposition to His Majesty the King in Washington, which was unheard of.
“Swazis respect the King, they never oppose him,” he said.   “The king has no opposition. It is only government that could have opposition, so government took serious exception to what they did.” Dlamini said the unionists’ action, what they did, would not be taken lightly, adding that government would be failing if their issue were ‘not addressed `in an appropriate manner.’
He said one way of dealing with the workers’ representatives could be through their chiefs at community level.

He said their chiefs had already been engaged to find ways to address what their subjects had done. He said their respective Members of Parliament would also assist in that regard. “Everyone in Swaziland lives under a chief, so their chiefs will have to deal with them,” he said. He said on their return, the unionists would be summoned by their chiefs where they would be asked to explain, in detail, their trip in America.
In our interview, the premier also said it was more distressing that the passports that workers leaders used when travelling were availed to them courtesy of the King, the same king they disrespected in Washington. “It is written in their passports that His Majesty humbly requests that in the countries they travel to, they should be treated with respect,” he said.
NB: The PM had been interviewed before he withdrew his comment on the   ‘Abakhanywe’ issue

Comments (14 posted):

Lasborn magezangobisi on 10/08/2014 09:59:29
This is confusing indeed that now we a liable to mps. I for see a situation where one would have to report to mp before going to do personal errands any where! Why is the king always dragged into such issues by government? Mr pm why are you instilling hatred into the masses against the king? This has gone too far without anybody bringing the executive to order. Do we still have the King's advisory council? If so their silence is lound and heard.
Khaya Mpembe on 10/08/2014 12:46:17
This newspaper is not factual in saying the term'strangulation' is figuratively and as such implies only disciplining. This reporting is entirely misleading and very insulting to our intelligency. One does not need to remind this publication that since the return of ME Martin Dlamini, it has degenerated to a bush publication, very unworthy to read and to buy. The task of this paper is not to deflect what authorities say, seyitakwentani i Observer ibambisene na Percy? The PM should clean his mess and not the paper. We are fed up with this helluva reporting and governance.
Vusizwe on 10/08/2014 13:39:08
Awu! Bekunene, shengatsi Umlangeni udlala ngeligeja kutiliwe...Lelive letitukulwane temaswati, hhayi bondlovu ay'phikiswa.Akafundze kutikhuta weNkhosi, noma ngabe Utibita Nge- "Lightning Arrester"...Udlala ngem'bane wekunene...Akehlise umoya!! Safa Nguye!!
Prim on 10/08/2014 14:08:40
Yah. Kushubile!
Fernando Franco on 10/08/2014 15:12:30
Mr Barnabas has forgotten tha he himself also disrespected and turned against the very same King during the waya-waya case.
colleen matsebula on 10/08/2014 19:43:27
Who needs king mswati 3 when we have king Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini. Bring me sunshine.
ntjayiya on 10/08/2014 21:41:26
Kona kube kubi labakwentile bekunene nangabe inhloso yabo bekukumelana balomudze,kepha Pm asekacabange nje kutsi basivete kahle kanjani sitfombe selive,bakhombisa umhlaba kutsi kaNgwane kunenkhululeko yekwendlulisa tikhalo,cabanga nje kutsi basebentise imali yesive kuyokhombisa inkhululeko eSwatini,setsembe bayitsetse ngalokusemtsetfweni esikhwameni webantfu.
Mangethe on 10/08/2014 22:00:10
Mr PM will you stop dragging the King's name into the mud. It's you any nobody else who is hell bent to destroy the Swazi nation with your leadership style that is so outdated. Swazis are now highly educated and living in a civilised world hence to bottle them up like blind people is totally unaccepted. your time is up Nkhosi.All that is left of you is to go back to your forefathers. You can only think of today and your personal benefits and forget about the entire nation suffering out there.If you can do us a favour, stop bringing the name of the King into all this scandals.The nation loves the King so please leave the King at peace and concetrate in modernising the country's democracy and up holding the rule of law.
Israel Mavuso on 11/08/2014 03:38:00
emaswati ayadvonsana ngelijobo madoda yoh,utiva solaphansi elutfulini lwemhlaba lokutsi bosonhlanhlatseka
colleen matsebula on 11/08/2014 05:30:12
The passports mr prime minister are citizen's rights. Every citizen is entitled to one. They are nationals of the country and its their right to own it. What do you mean. Solo awuyekeli lokwetfusa. All you can ask yourself is why all these protests from swazis all over the world. I will tell you why. Your gvt is not interested in a genuine dialogue with stakeholders on how to
govern this country. Likwehlulile nkhosi and emandla ngeke asebente. Not this time sround. Sesitamane siphelele ejele koshi. Uyaganga. Usifaka emtilane sibukile. Cha. Not this time. And sll this time usetfusa ngenkhosi. Ase ungayifaki. The king is not your shield. You sre now back smocking defending the king like a bulldog brawler with so much gusto and impetousity. Suka.

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