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MANZINI – Members of proscribed entities, say warders at the Zakhele Remand Centre refused to allow The Nation Magazine into their facility which they had brought for their jailed members.

The incident occurred at the Zakhele Remand Centre on Friday morning when certain members of the Swaziland Youth Congress (SWAYOCO) visited incarcerated President of PUDEMO Mario Masuku and SWAYOCO Secretary General Maxwell Dlamini.

The dejected visitors refused to be named as they feared the facility would ban them from visiting the prison in future. 
They alleged that the Correctional officers told them boldly that The Nation Magazine was political and as such was not allowed into the facility.
The visitors said they had brought the two men copies of newspapers from both publications in the country as well as the July 2014 copy of The Nation Magazine.

They approached the entrance of the facility where they were made to fill in their particulars and declare what they had brought for their imprisoned friends.
The trouble began when they were called to go into the visitation room, and the attending warder informed them that they would not be allowed to go through with the magazine.

“We were shocked, all along we believed that there were certain freedoms in this country and yet we were forced to turn back with the magazine we intended to give to Masuku and Dlamini.

“When has The Nation become a political magazine?” they wondered.
His Majesty’s Correctional Services Public Relations Officer (PRO) Bongani Khumalo confirmed the fact that the magazine was not allowed into the remand centre.

Khumalo said that each prison facility had an officer in charge who decided what material was allowed into the facility.
This, he said they could do as representatives of Commissioner General Mzuthini Ntshangase.


“The officer in charge at Zakhele used his discretion not to allow the magazine into the facility as it would not only be read by the two men but by all the other men they share a cell with,” he explained.

He denied allegations that the magazine was branded as political, stating that as officers at the  Correctional  Services, they did not know what constitutes a political reading material.

Khumalo noted that although the officers at the Zakhele Remand Centre had taken this stance, it may be different in other facilities where the magazine is allowed to be brought in by visitors.

President of PUDEMO Masuku and Secretary General of SWAYOCO Dlamini have been kept in custody since their arrest after the May Day (Workers Day) celebrations after allegedly uttering treasonous statements.
They are awaiting trial at Zakhele Remand Centre.                           

Comments (5 posted):

Cieeyar on 14/07/2014 07:06:19
hahahaha Welcome to Swaziland mxm
siboniso tonny on 14/07/2014 07:52:41
Swaziland is a joke really,
Wonder on 14/07/2014 09:14:50
This is pure madness. I guess all shops will now be banned from selling The Nation magazine, lest they risk losing their trading licenses.
andile on 14/07/2014 12:22:02
haha.come on guys you will need pudemo
Joe on 15/07/2014 01:55:23
The way we are so engrossed with petty issues as a country is now becoming really funny indeed.

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