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NHLANGANO – A 48-year–old woman has been arrested, charged for stripping naked and fondling her father-in-law.
The incident happened at Maseyisni at a drinking spot where the woman had been imbibing on alcoholic beverages in the company of other Maseyisini residents. The father-in-law was also at the drinking spot.

Zanele Khumalo appeared at the Nhlangano Swazi National Court before Court President Chief Makhosikhosi Khumalo.
Zanele confessed to having stripped naked and further fondling her father-in-law in public while she was under the influence of alcohol.
When the charge was put to her Zanele pleaded guilty and asked for leniency.

Information that came out in court during the trial is that Zanele forced her father-in-law to kiss her private parts.
Her suggestive dancing angered her father-in-law who then assaulted her with a stick.
She is said to have stripped naked and further held her father-in-law Khilikithi Isaac Nkonyane’s head in the process, in a manner that angered Nkonyane.

The accused was charged with two counts. In the first count she was charged for fondling her father-in-law.
In the second count, she was charged for stripping naked in public.
People were shocked in court when Nkonyane delivered his shocking experience.

“She came closer to me, I was sitting down when she removed her dress and underwear. She then held my head. I fell down in shock, she covered me with her dress (sidziya). She came back and stripped naked again and fondled me, this time I took a stick and assaulted her all over the body,” said Nkonyane.

... makoti blames it on buganu

NHLANGANO –   Isaac Nkonyane’s daughter-in-law Zanele Khumalo has confessed in court that she did fondle her father-in law.

“Your Worship I would not like to waste the court’s time, I plead guilty, I removed my clothes and further held him by the head and fondled him. I had taken a sip of buganu ,” said Zanele.

She pleaded with the court to forgive her and claimed she had grandchildren to look after. Court President Chief Makhosikhosi Khumalo said Zanele committed a serious offence.

 “You have ruined the image of the country, and shamed your family and yourself by committing such,” he said. Zanele was then sentenced to five months in jail on each count or pay a fine option of E1 000. She failed to pay the fine and was jailed.

Comments (32 posted):

Tema on 19/03/2014 05:28:40
Lord have mercy!
F'Kay on 19/03/2014 06:59:17
hahaha, ya neh. Makoti abeshangukile nje, sewmane ubhaca ngemaganu.....cha lok'bonwe ngu Nkonyane nenja ayik'bonanga ngenyeti
landaba on 19/03/2014 10:32:02
Phonix on 19/03/2014 11:02:34
Welcome to the Kingdom Of Eswatini
nomsa on 19/03/2014 11:25:17
If this is what alcohol is capable of doing, people should just stop drinking it. It is just not worth drinking it. Ha bekunene !!!
DEE DEE on 19/03/2014 11:58:44
Abuyekwe lotjwala beKunene.
Hobsile Mhlungwane on 19/03/2014 12:42:02
Oh God forbid pple r gone mad bcoz of alcohol they must stop it b4 commiting serious offence.
anthony dlamini on 19/03/2014 14:14:23
This is shameful and disgraceful. It saves us well, vele libuyaphi lelisiko lebuganu? Sengatsi lamaganu asayakhontwa lakitsi. Lelisiko lifundzisa emaswati kutsi anatse, bukani lokwenteka etikolweni, emimangweni, bobabe,bomake, tintfombi, emajaha alalana odvwa. Bukani lilunga lelitsango ligidza kanjani ambikwemakhosi, labanye balalana netinja,timbuti etc.....nitotsi angikanitjeli bakitsi makhulu emanyala lesitowabona nganali lisiko....kepha loku kungaphela asibuyeleni kuSomandla. Asiwayekeleni emasiko lamabi lanjenga nali...washo njal Sobhuza! I rest my case
Nosipho on 19/03/2014 14:50:00
cha sikhokho samakoti,i wonder how the family will look at her after the 5 months
Manqoba on 19/03/2014 15:12:44
Nabo-ke lobuganu babo lapho buhamba khona.

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