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MANZINI – A representative of the African National Congress (ANC) has told the nation to stay away from issues relating to the royal family, especially His Majesty King Mswati III.

Johannes Sibiya represented the ANC during the thanksgiving dinner of Ukuthokoza Kwamadodana held at St George’s Anglican Church Hall on Saturday night.
Sibiya, a successful businessman and music promoter based in Nelspruit, was the guest during the dinner and had been asked to represent the ANC as the group also wanted to celebrate the life of the late Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa.

Madiba’s celebration lasted for about 15 minutes with Sibiya delivering a speech on behalf of the ANC.


Immediately Sibiya took the microphone, he introduced himself and thereafter made it clear that his presence in the country was known by the authorities of the party.
“When the organisers of this event invited me, they told me that they would spend some time celebrating the life of Mandela. They asked me to deliver a speech. I had to seek audience at Luthuli House where I was given the authority of representing the ANC here. As I speak, I am representing the leading party,” he said.

Sibiya said among other things that were a concern was the way people were discrediting the royal family, something Sibiya said should come to an end.
“We are aware that there are some people who speak badly about the royal family, especially His Majesty King Mswati III. This should just come to an end. In fact no one has the right to talk about personal issues involving the royal family,” he said.


Sibiya mentioned that what was good about Swaziland was that she still valued her culture and people still had the required respect.
“People should understand that royalty is a no-go area. Let us all learn to respect the King. Issues relating to the royal family’s personal life should not be discussed anyhow, but there are certain structures that need to be followed and we all have to respect that,” he said.

Sibiya said other than confronting the royal family, people should learn to face Members of Parliament and ministers other than thinking that the royal family would solve the problem.


“You have elected your choice of MPs and some are ministers. If there are any problems one feels need to be addressed, these are the people who need to be confronted not the royal family. People should just learn to leave the King alone,” he said.
Sibiya thanked the country for the role they played in making the ANC what it is today.

“Swaziland contributed in the formation of the ANC and we thank you for that. We are indeed pleased with all that you have done for us,” he said.
He went on to thank Ukuthokoza Kwamadodana for the decision of paying tribute to the former president.
“The ANC is taking note of what the group has done. There are a number of groups in the country but the group decided to be part and parcel of the ANC’s mission of celebrating Mandela. Indeed what you have done shows that you are with us in what has happened. We will support you wherever you need support,” he said.


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