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MBABANE – The Prime Minister, Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini, has told all Parliamentarians to leave behind political inclinations and abide by the Tinkhundla system.
The PM was speaking at a workshop meant to acquaint Members of Parliament (MPs) and senators on the procedure.

The workshop wa held at the Royal Swazi Sun in Ezulwini. Dlamini asked the politicians to get to grips with the ideology of Mornachial Democracy as it is the system through which they got to be in office.
The premier said Parliament should be able to lead in a manner that would please the King. He further stated that Parliamentarians should be clued up on Monarchial Democracy.

“We should be able to explain our democracy at our constituencies and abroad.
Any ideologies we had are now secondary as we sing one tune of Tikhundla,” Dlamini said.

The premier said the parliamentarians had to promote the country’s democracy and they should be well-versed on the Tinkhundla system of governance.
Speaking at the first day of the workshop, the Premier said the ideology had been unpacked by His Majesty King Mswati III and it was the responsibility of the politicians to master Mornachial Democracy.

He said mastering the ideology would mean they will be able to market or spread the idea to the outside world.
The premier said whether a parliamentarian was within his constituency or outside the country, they should preach our very own democracy.
“His Majesty spoke extensively about our democracy and furthermore, the minister of Education unpacked the democracy in siSwati and we heard it. He was explaining it in his understanding,” the PM said.

Dlamini said what was critical was that parliamentarians should co-ordinate with the Monarchy and the nation on devising a plan to run the country.
He said it was vital that the parliamentarians assisted each other. The premier emphasised that there should be no MP who was not well-versed on the system of governance.
“Maybe as MPs are still new, they can have questions and seek clarity on our democracy but with time, they should be able to unpack the system. When travelling abroad or domestically, an MP should be able to describe our democracy,” said Dlamini.

Furthermore, the PM stated that it was vital for the parliamentarians to know the direction in terms of policy the country was taking. “Kume sati kutsi live libhekaphi.”
He also reminded the gathering that by 2022 the country should be able to compete with First World countries. He said it should be clear to every ministry on what it means to target the First World status.


Gelane warns against domestic abuse

MBABANE – Senate President Gelane Zwane sternly warned the parliamentarians against domestic abuse.

Zwane encouraged Parliamentarians during a workshop held at Ezulwini Royal Swazi Sun in Ezulwini to orient themselves about parliamentary procedure.

She stated that domestic abuse should not be part of the honourables’ lives. She said they should keep their families happy as the five-year tenure would feel like fifty years.
“Angwati emadvodza lashaywa bafati,” loosely translated as “I do not know of males who are bashed by their wives,” she said. The president also advised the parliamentarians to be spiritually inclined as spirituality would sustain them during trying times.

She also advised MPs to conduct themselves in a manner that would depict the office they now hold in parliament.


PM is right - unions

MBABANE – Trade unions have agreed with the prime minister’s statement that MPs should embrace and preach Monarchial Democracy.
Prime Minister Sibusiso Dlamini said this during a workshop for the Members of Parliament (MPs) and Senators yesterday at the Royal Swazi Spa.

President of the Trade Union Congress of Swaziland (TUCOSWA) Barnes Dlamini said there was nothing wrong with what the prime minister said. The same sentiments were shared by the President of the Swaziland National Association of Teachers, Sibongile Mazibuko.
Barnes said the prime minister was working for the system, and hence it was within his duty to lobby for support. “There will be no difference as long as the policy remains the same,” he said.

He said the policy should be changed to allow pluralism or collective thinking. Meanwhile, Mazibuko said for the first time she would agree with the prime minister. She said during the swearing-in ceremony, the MPs agreed to market the Monarchial Democracy.


MPs reminded of who they represent

MBABANE – The head of the 10th Parliament reminded parliamentarians that they were representatives of the Monarchy.
The Prime Minister, Sibusiso Dlamini, said parliamentarians were the representatives of the Monarchy and the nation.

The premier said it was vital that they remember that they were summoned by their Majesties to execute this pivotal role. He appreciated the opportunity availed to the legislators through the workshop to caucus on a way to rule the country.

“We are here working on the instruction of the King and the nation. This is because we were voted into power through the various methods permitted by our exclusive Constitution. Our Constitution is unique as in other countries the Executive and Parliament are run parallel.

“People equivalent to ministers also known as secretaries in some countries are not in Parliament but are appointed by the president. Here in Swaziland, we decided that the Executive and the parliamentarians work together. Ministers are Members of Parliament before they are ministers. Hence, the work relationship should be seamless,” he said.
Continuing, Dlamini said most parliamentarians were new to the system (Parliament or Cabinet); hence the need for a workshop to orient the MPs on what is expected of them. He further said Cabinet ministers would also be afforded such an opportunity to be oriented on their duties and how to work in Parliament.

The premier pleaded with MPs who had amassed experience over the years to assist those who were new in Parliament. He further appreciated that the Clerk to Parliament, Ndvuna Dlamini together with the Speaker, Themba Msibi and the Senate President, Gelane Zwane were not new to parliament. 
He said the trio had vast knowledge at hand and would assist the novice politicians in executing and familiarising themselves with parliamentary duties.


Living in debt is a bad idea

MBABANE – The prime minister counselled Parliamentarians not to live in debt.
The Head of Government, Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini, advised parliamentarians against swiming in debt. “Labanye nababona lembasha ephalamende babese baluma kakhulu kani utabakhama lomtsamo, (loosely translated as: Some people when they see the huge chunk of money in parliament embed themselves in debt yet they would fail to finance their debt),” he said.
The prime minister added: “We end up hearing that an honourable MP or senator does not set foot in Parliament as they fear loan sharks chasing after them. It is critical that we acquire knowledge on how to manage finances.” Dlamini said the minister of Finance would be vital in assisting the parliamentarians on how to manage their finances. He applauded the wealth of financial knowledge possessed by the minister as he stated that most of his adult life he (minister) dealt with banks.


‘Let’s talk about financial gains too’

MBABANE – Parliamentarian’s finances are also essential.
Prime Minister Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini said in jest that when parliamentarians campaigned they never highlighted that they were into politics for the money. “Nasi campaigner siye singayitsintsi leye kutsi siyela lembasha le ephalamende. (Loosely translated as: When you campaign you never mention that you in it for the money),” said the premier.
He said it was essential that when parliamentarians were planning their finances they should consider their pay. He also stated that the Ministry of Finance would assist in orienting the parliamentarians.

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Thulani on 26/11/2013 13:36:55
In other words, now that you are parliamentarians, you must master and sell our propaganda well. You must tell the whole world how wonderful it is living in a "Monarchial Democracy'. Forget about the ordinary people which voted for you, just work hard to make the King happy. Utsi udla imbasha nje ukhumbule kutsi uletfwe ngitoTinkundla la! lol.
njebza on 26/11/2013 15:08:33
Seyisuka nagani manje...kantsi whrz ur galfried yemfo whos "pastor"..so to preach tinkhundla verse in bed

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