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MBABANE – The Former Deputy Prime Minister yesterday asked that government’s ‘development unusual’ mantra be unpacked.

Themba Masuku, now Shiselweni Regional Administrator (RA) said government should unpack the new mantra it has adopted of ‘development unusual’. Masuku said any position an individual is assigned to by the King is a platform to leave a legacy; hence wherever he was assigned he performed to his utmost best. 

The former Deputy Prime Minister also stated that he was shaken by the idea of having to step in where there were chieftaincy disputes.
He also said Regional Administrators were employed through Section 83 of the Constitution of Swaziland.
The Section reads thus:

(1) Each Region is headed by an administrative official called the Regional Administrator.
(2) The Regional Administrator is appointed by the King on the advice of the Minister responsible for Tinkhundla.
(3) The Regional Administrator shall convene and preside over meetings of the Regional Council and perform such other functions as may be prescribed.
(4) A Regional Administrator has the status of a deputy minister and has such other benefits and privileges as may be prescribed.
(5) A Regional Administrator may resign from office or be removed from office by the King on the advice of the Prime Minister or after a resolution of no confidence passed by a two-thirds majority of all members of the Regional Council.

Masuku further requested that all ministries should unpack their priorities which in turn would give direction to the RAs on what to do.
“All ministries should unpack their priorities and give us knowledge of what to do as we need to help change the mindset of the citizenry to achieve development. The minister (Tinkhundla) as our boss will call us and unpack the mantra,” said Masuku.

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