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MBABANE – The Swazi student who was tortured and abused in Russia for his sexual orientation is back in Swaziland and is too traumatised.

The Government Spokesperson, Percy Simelane, confirmed that the tortured Swazi student was back in the kingdom and was too traumatised to entertain people. Simelane stated that *Gadlela was home and that he arrived last week.

“While government was gathering information, Gadlela, came home. Due to the trauma he suffered, he went to his family and neglected contacting government on his arrival,” said Simelane.

He further stated that gathering information and locating the student was far more important to government and it counted the most.
Simelane said government had traced Gadlela’s home and had a meeting with his family yesterday.

Gadlela who was earlier reported as David Smith, is said to have returned home last week before the news of his abuse went viral in the internet.
The former student, of one of the best perfoming schools in Mbabane, was earlier identified as a South African national.

However, South Africa’s Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) cleared the air and revealed that he was a Swazi.
When Gadlela’s mother was contacted by the former student’s school, she conveyed the message that the Shukhov State Technological University student was home safe and sound.

She stated that he arrived home last week. In the telephonic interview with the school’s administrator, the guardian stated that they were relieved he was home.
The school’s administrator disclosed that Gadlela sounded fine and had said he would change tertiary institutions following the humiliating experience he endured at Shukhov State Technological University.
When the guardian of the student was later contacted by this publication to establish facts of the student’s ordeal, she referred all questions to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

The ministry’s Principal Secretary, Nomathemba Hlope confirmed knowledge of the student’s ordeal and further refered all questions to the government spokesperson.
“We are aware of the student and the case but the best person to deal with is the government spokesperson,” said Hlope.

Gadlela was bullied, pushed, forced to imitate sex acts, stripped down and even had his head slammed into a watermelon by anti-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) activists linked to the Occupy Paedophilia movement in the Russian city of Belgorod, near the border with Ukraine.

The Shukhov State Technological University student was lured into an apartment by a vigilante who posed online as a gay 15-year-old.
In the 33-minute video, Gadlela had his hair shaved down the middle and painted green, was insulted by a member of the Occupy Paedophilia gang, forced to kiss a watermelon and then had his head smashed with it.

Russia recently passed legislation banning “homosexual propaganda”, nationalist gangs such as Occupy Geronto-philia and Occupy Paedophilia have been encouraged to use social media such as VKontakte to lure young gay people into a trap and humiliate them on camera. This is done with beatings, torture and abuse.
The International Business Times reported that victims of such abuse are forced to drink urine or have the urine poured over their heads.
*Not real name as he is a victim of abuse.

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