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NHLANGANO – A business-man living with a disability was blocked by former Pastor Minister Lindiwe Dlamini from having an audience with His Majesty the King because he is disabled.

Dlamini, the former Housing and Urban Development Minister denied Hlatikhulu businessman Peter Petersie an opportunity to meet the King at Mbangweni Royal Residence during the Shiselweni Reed Dance that took place last week.
Peter Petersie (54) was told by the former minister that, because he has one leg, he could not kneel down as detected by custom when one is before the King.
After Petersie was denied the chance to see the King, he then left the Mbangweni Royal Residence dejected.
He is livid and claims the former minister was discriminatory against him.

Dlamini was leading a group of busi-nesspeople to the King when the incident happened.
When called, Dlamini confirmed and claimed she was trying to help Petersie, as he could not kneel before the King.
However, an irate Petersie has dismissed Dlamini’s claims. He said he could have managed to obey the Swazi custom despite his disability.
The businessman was among the group of businesspeople who had come to meet the King on business and development related matter.
Peters is a well-known Swazi businessman.

Petersie said: “I am still shocked by the way Dlamini treated me, it was the highest standard of discrimination I have ever seen in my lifetime.”
“We went there to deliver two cows to the King and I was in charge of the funds and having got inside Mba-ngweni Palace with a colleague, Minister Dlamini said I could not see the King because I have only one leg,” said Petersie.

Petersie has said he was offended by Dlamini’s  actions as he had contributed greatly  in the economy of Swaziland.
“I have contributed in building the economy of Swaziland and I do not deserve to be blocked from seeing the King, despite my disabled condition I am a productive Swazi citizen hence, I should not be discriminated against but treated as a human being,” said Petersie.

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