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Cops called as Nhlambeni residents given free rice

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image The Nhlambeni residents pose with their rice packages.

NHLAMBENI – The police were called at Nhlambeni when a South African organisation donated 100 bags of rice to residents.

The donation was suspected by some residents and aspiring MPs to be a campaign strategy by former Nhlambeni MP Frans Dlamini.
However, Dlamini was not present at the event. About 100 bags of rice were donated to the residents by Sushi Foundation, a charity organisation based in South Africa.

The event was held at Nhlambeni Nazarene Church premises where the beneficiaries were registered by the organisation’s volunteers before receiving the donation.
According to Sushi Foundation’s commissioner Gladys Ngema, the organisation is headquartered in the Republic of China on Taiwan, but working worldwide.

She said the organisation was working hand in hand with Philani Maswati charity organisation. She said they visited various communities countrywide to donate food and care for the needy.
The complaint was filed by other residents and people who were nominated to be Members of Parliament under Nhlambeni.
One of the MP nominees, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said it was unfair because it was the second time Sushi Foundation was donating in the Nhlambeni community.

“When the foundation made the donation about three weeks ago, the former MP was present. In fact he was the one who facilitated their visit the last time. He has been reported to be away now,” claimed the source.
An inside source, in an interview, said Dlamini had called one of the residents and told them to convene at the centre and meet the organisation’s representatives to receive the donation.

Dlamini was reportedly in South Africa.
Ngema clarified that the donated rice were leftovers from material that had been donated during Philani Maswati’s charity event held at Bhunya recently.  She further explained that the donation was not a campaign strategy by any aspiring MP.
“We link with health motivators in the communities and our volunteers identify the people who should benefit.

“Our volunteers always ensure that there is transparency in the manner the recipients are selected, to avoid the impression that we are campaigning,” Ngema said.
She said they merely reported to that particular area’s authorities, but ensured that there was no interference.
“We, however, informed Dlamini (former MP) of our visit, but he was never involved,”

Dlamini, when called on the matter, said the Sushi Foundation worked hand in hand with Philani Maswati.
“They had donated food in the past and remembered us again.

“As far as I know, it is Sushi Foundation’s routine to donate in various communities in the country. It has nothing to do with campaigning and I never played a part in that,” Dlamini said.
He said the other nominees should have been happy that there were organisations donating to the needy and hungry community of Nhlambeni.

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