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LOBAMBA - “We all know that every time there are national elections, people disappear, in this prayer service we will be praying for God’s intervention to stop unnecessary bloodshed.”

These were the words of Arch Deacon Bhekibandla Magongo from the Council of Swaziland Churches. He was speaking yesterday when it was formally announced that His Majesty King Mswati III had given the go-ahead to the Joint Church Bodies in the country to have a National Prayer Day Service for the ongoing elections. The people of Eswatini will engage in prayer together for the smooth running of the 2023 National Elections.
This was announced by President of the League of African Churches, Bishop Samson Hlatjwako in the presence of Arch Deacon Magongo, President of the Conference of Churches and Bishop Robert Kasaro in a press briefing held at the National Church at Lobamba, yesterday afternoon.


Eswatini has already completed the first phase of the National Elections which is the Voters Registration and currently going taking place is the Voter Validation exercise. “We have received a go-ahead from Their Majesties and today we are here to announce that there would be a National Prayer Day Service, where we would pray for the country which would be held on July 15, which falls on a Saturday. As you all know that we have a very important event in the country, which is the national elections, where we would building our new government, the 55th Double Celebration which is His Majesty the King’s Birthday and the National Independence Day. “We, therefore,  invite all members of the Christian body to attend this National Prayer Day Service without fail,” said Bishop Hlatjwako.


Magongo has also invited all emaSwati to attend the National Prayer Service, where among the prayer points is that of asking God to prevent the bloodshed which usually happens every time during the national elections. “We will be praying for God’s intervention in stopping the unnecessary bloodshed, where people are killed with the belief that those responsible would secure a seat in the coming Parliament. “We will also be praying for peace and stability during the national elections,” Arch Deacon Magongo pointed out.

The arch deacon also said the country would be praying for God to help emaSwati to elect people with a noble heart in the next coming Parliament.  
It is worth noting that the  National Day of Prayer is observed annually on the first Thursday in May in the United States of America (USA) but in Eswatini, prayer days are becoming a norm as, according to Theologians, Eswatini is the pulpit of God in Africa.

The Bible and the people of Eswatini

Dr J, S.M Matsebula once said; “It is impossible to say that the Bible came here as the Umculu referred to by Somhlolo because instead of unity and peace, it brought a sword and division among the Swazi people.” SOBHUZA I, popularly known as Somhlolo (Father of Mysteries), left the Swazi Nation a great legacy in the form of a prophecy that influenced greatly the basis of Swazi life and philosophy. It is related by Dr. J.S.M. Matsebula that: “One night, shortly before his death, Sobhuza had a vision.


In the morning he called his councillors and told them he had dreamed that white skinned people with hair like the tails of cattle would arrive in his country, bringing with them two things: UMCULU and INDILINGA.”When translated, these words respectively mean a scroll or book and a round piece of metal or money. “The book was taken to represent the Bible, and Sobhuza advised his people to accept this but to try and avoid money.
“He warned them that they must never harm these white people, for if they spilt a drop of the white man’s blood their country would be destroyed and they would disappear as a nation.”

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