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TIMBUTINI – A 65-year-old woman’s house was petrol-bombed reportedly by unknown people around midnight on Thursday.

As a result, the elderly woman Mamane Simelane is currently left without a house, let alone clothing and food for both herself and her family. The damage caused by the fire is estimated to be over E100 000, including furniture, as well as household items and food, which was all gutted down by the fire. Narrating the incident, Simelane, who was found in a sombre state, shared that she was lucky to be alive as she was not in the main house which was reportedly burnt by the unknown people.


The elderly woman revealed that she coincidentally decided to sleep in another house (endlini kagogo) within the family compound together with her grandchildren. Describing how this happened, Simelane attributed the power of God for protecting her. “I just decided that we should all vacate from the main house and go to pray at kagogo. We went there, prayed and eventually slept there,” she said. Simelane disclosed that one of her children alerted her that she heard someone walking outside the family home. Within moments, she said they heard a boisterous bang coming from the main house. Upon inspecting, the elderly woman said they discovered that it was from a petrol-bomb, which was supposedly thrown inside the house. She said everything started burning and they immediately called the police.

When she was asked who could possibly be behind the fire. Simelane said she was clueless, as she had not received any threats from anyone. However, she mentioned that there were some ‘thugs’ who harassed her after the death of her son. The elderly woman who is a member of the Lutsango regiment and indvuna for Kwaluseni Lutsango said they were only left with their clothes.


She appealed to members of the public to assist her with any help they could offer; whether food, building material and clothes. She requested anyone willing to help to contact her on 7617 5948. Meanwhile, before long, a community member arrived at the home and offered a bag. It could not be established what the contents of the bag were. The elderly woman was seen sobbing uncontrollably and wiping her tears. Simelane was of the view that she could be attacked because she was a member of the Lutsango regiment. She maintained that this was because she was not involved in any conflict with anyone.

On the other hand, it should be noted that our sister publication, the Times daily, previously published a story about the same woman being taken to court by her two nephews. The two siblings being Siboniso Simelane and Colani Simelane reportedly approached the High Court, stopping their aunt from burying their cousin in their late father’s homestead. The court also interdicted the Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT) Burial Mortuary from releasing Nkambule’s body. The national commissioner (NATCOM) of police was ordered to deploy police officers at Timbutini to maintain law and order and to ensure that the order was fully complied with. Chief Police Information and Communications Officer Superintendent Phindile Vilakati confirmed a report of a house that was petrol-bombed at Timbutini on Friday. She said police were still investigating the matter.

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