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DVOKOLWAKO – “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.” - William Congreve.

This famous quote fits into the recent tragedy witnessed at Madlangempisi. *Thembi, a 37-year-old woman from Bulandzeni, last week is said to have allegedly waited along the pathway usually used by  five-year-old Nkosenhle, the son to her alleged former lover Sifiso Mkhonta. The young boy (now deceased) was well acquainted to his allegedly would be assailant, that was why it was not that difficult for *Thembi to accomplish what she had planned to do, which was eventually killing him after allegedly forcing him to consume a poisonous substance.


Well-placed sources disclosed to this publication that the alleged assailant separated the deceased from his peers, while they were on their way back home from school, located in the vicinity of the community of Madlangemphisi.
According to our sources, the peers and also siblings of the deceased young boy suspected nothing sinister as they left him alone with his dad’s ex-fiancée.

After remaining behind, *Thembi allegedly gave him a poisonous substance to drink. After allegedly forcing the young boy to drink the substance, *Thembi is said to have escaped into the mountains. Meanwhile, the young boy is said to have travelled alone for a short  distance to a nearby shop, where he usually bought snacks before going home. It is said that the deceased, just as he was about to enter the shop where he was to buy the snacks, fell down and attracted the attention of some community members, who quickly rushed to ascertain what could the problem be. When the residents arrived where the boy was writhing in pain on the ground and with foam coming out from his mouth.


They quickly sought for transport and rushed him to Dvokolwako Health Centre, which is a few kilometres away from Madlangemphisi, where he was confirmed dead upon arrival. The residents then went back to pursue the alleged assailant and later captured her hiding in one of the mountains in the area. Sources alleged that when * Thembi was captured, the residents assaulted her heavily and that is when she allegedly confessed to having  forced the young  boy to drink a poisonous substance.

When the mob asked her why she opted to kill the boy, sources disclosed that she confessed that she did it out of anger after his father jilted her on the morning of that fateful day. Further, the sources revealed that she was allegedly found with a poisonous substance in her bag and a tablespoon. After assaulting her, the residents then decided to take her to the Madlangemphisi Police Post, where she was later taken to Dvokolwako Clinic, where she is currently admitted. It is worth noting that mob attacks have become very common in Eswatini.


An impeccable source disclosed to the Eswatini News that the scorned woman confessed and narrated how she killed her ex-fiancée’s child.  “The boy was allegedly killed by a person he knew as his mother, as it is said that she (*Thembi) frequented the deceased’s father’s workshop,” lamented one of the sources. Member of Madlangempisi Bandlancane Celicolo Shiba, who said he was also part of the volunteers who searched for the suspect after she fled the scene, pointed out that he was disappointed and shocked by what the woman allegedly did .
Shiba alleged  that the woman (*Thembi) was arrogant, even after the mob had caught up with her and not even remorseful for what she had allegedly done and that further made the search party angry.  “We had to bring sense to angry residents not to fall into the trap of killing her, as they wanted to force her to consume the deadly poisonous substance,” alleged Shiba. 


He said angry residents severely assaulted her against the order to hand her over to the police. Shiba disclosed that the woman was rescued when she allegedly confessed and surrendered part of the evidence, which was later handed over to the police. The woman was under police guard when the Eswatini News visited the health institution in an attempt to get her to talk about what had happened, which prompted her to allegedly commit the offence.  


Meanwhile, Chief Police Information and Communications Officer Superintended Phindile Vilakati confirmed that a woman was arrested on allegations of poisoning a minor at Madlangempisi. Vilakati said unfortunately the child was later confirmed dead when he reached the clinic. She also said the woman was admitted to a health facility after she was brought in with visible injuries all over her body. Vilakati also warned about the increase in the number of incidents, where residents decided to take the law into their own hands.

However, Vilakati said as members of the Royal Eswatini Police service, they applaud the decision made by residents of Madlangempisi to call the police. Vilakati said the woman has since been discharged from the hospital and was taken to a remand centre pending her appearance in court.

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