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SITEKI – Police are investigating the commotion.

Chief Police Information and Communications Officer Superintendent Phindile Vilakati, confirmed that the shooting was reported to the police. Vilakati said there was a reported matter to the effect that a commotion took place at Ngcina and shots were fired. “There were no injuries sustained during the shooting,” she said. Ludzidzini Royal Council Chairman Chief Mdlaka Gamedze, said he was not aware of the incident but only been informed about the function of the introduction of Musa to Ngcina community. He said he last saw both factions on Thursday during the meeting they held with the Dlamini family council (lusendvo) on the matter.


Gamedze said the two factions, one led by Moses Dlamini and the other by Hynd Dlamini, had both submitted two candidates to the council and were not in agreement as to who was supposed to replace and succeed the late Chief Mphini. The chairman said the faction led by Moses submitted Musa as the chief candidate, while the one led by Hynd submitted Sibambiso to the council.  He said the council summoned both factions to hear their sides of the story whenever there was a dispute. The chief said the council made a ruling based on the submissions made by both parties. “We considered their submissions and the background of the matter as per the dictates of our culture and history of this issue. We based our verdict on this merit because we only issue a verdict based on the submissions by both concerned parties,” he said. On the other hand, it is worth noting that on Thursday, Gamedze informed this publication that Sibambiso’s introduction came as a result of submissions from both factions. He said it was a norm that the council summoned both parties to state their side of the story whenever there was a dispute.

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