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MBABANE – The well-known lawyer who allegedly sexually abused and impregnated his children has been slapped with three charges of rape and two under the SODV Act.

The attorney, who is 54-year-old, purportedly committed the offences over a period 14 years, from 2006 to 2020. Under the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence (SODV) Act, the ‘learned friend’ is alleged to have maintained sexual relationships with two minors from his area, aged 14 and 16. It has been reliably gathered that the rape charges were accompanied by aggravating factors, as he allegedly impregnated the minors and children were born as a result of same.

He was arrested by members of the Royal Eswatini Police Service (REPS) yesterday while at his parental homestead and is yet to appear in court. The Crown yesterday obtained an order to extract his blood samples for further investigations. He is currently detained at the Siteki Police Station and is expected to make his first court appearance at Siteki Magistrates Court today.


Chief Police Information and Communications Officer Superintendent Phindile Vilakati confirmed the arrest of the lawyer. The name of the lawyer will not be disclosed pending his court appearance. The attorney is alleged to have impregnated the children and forced them to take abortion tablets.
One of the allegedly abused children told the police that she tried to commit suicide several times and another has been removed from the lawyer’s homestead to a safe house. He allegedly took some of the children to the Republic of South Africa (RSA) for abortion procedures once they fell pregnant.

It was also gathered that one of the children fell pregnant about four times. One of his daughters, his niece and a helper, allegedly gave birth to the attorney’s children after failed abortion attempts at his instance. The minors were allegedly sexually abused by the lawyer for years, beginning from when some of them were as young as 12 years old. One of the allegedly abused children now works for one security services and another is a studying in SA. An investigation by this publication had established that members of the community where the attorney resides, who were aware of the alleged sexual abuse experienced by the children in the hands of their father, were enraged that nothing was seemingly being done to the lawyer.

The community members were said to be contemplating taking the law into their own hands due to the snail’s pace at which the matter was being addressed. One of the children, *Lungile, informed the police that ‘everyone at home was blaming me for having sexual intercourse with my father, as if it was my fault’. She told the police that she stayed with her father, stepsister, her brother and a helper in 2006, when she was doing Form I and was 12 years old. She said her stepmother was staying in another town where she was employed and she would visit them on weekends. In the same year, according to Lungile, the lawyer began touching her inappropriately and sexually abused her and her aunt, who was a year older than her. She alleged that the lawyer would come at night to the room she shared with her aunt and call either of them to his room, where he abused them sexually.
She alleged that she visited her mother in the neighbouring country during school holidays and when she returned, the lawyer said she was more beautiful and continued to have sexual intercourse with her.

Lungile said she was very scared to speak ‘because in my mind I did not believe what was happening to me, that my own father would hurt me like that’. Sometimes when she was asleep, she said, she would wake up and find her father undressing her and he would press her to the bed and have sexual intercourse with her. “That was the longest night of my life and the most painful experience,” she informed the police. Lungile said she fell pregnant and her stepmother asked her about it. She stated that she immediately told her everything and that her father was behind the pregnancy.

She alleged that the lawyer had advised her to tell anyone who enquired about her pregnancy that she had sex with a boy during a party.
Lungile also alleged that her father did not allow her to visit her maternal homestead when she was pregnant and made arrangements for her to have an abortion in a South African hospital, where he registered her under a false name. She said she fell pregnant several times afterwards.


According to Lungile, her aunt also fell pregnant by the lawyer and when her family found out about it, they called the police. She said the police arrived at her school and asked about her aunt’s situation and she told them all that she knew, ‘however, they never asked about my situation’. Her aunt was 13 years old. Lungile stated that her stepmother assaulted her when she found out that the lawyer was still having sex with them, and said they thought they were bomgcaki bakhe (sharing a man with her). She said her father called his attorneys and complained that she had been questioned without parental consent.
She said there was a time when she and her 13-year-old aunt were both pregnant and the lawyer allegedly took them to a hospital in Schoemasdal, South Africa, to have an abortion.  The doctor at the hospital is said to have advised that it would be dangerous to perform the procedure since she was 20 weeks into the pregnancy and her father persuaded the doctor. She alleged that after the abortion, the sexual abuse by her father continued, despite family meetings being held about the matter and her aunt left the lawyer’s residence. She alleged that her father also had a child with their helper and her stepmother terminated her services when she found out that the lawyer was allegedly having sex with her as well. Lungile said during that period, her father was arrested and later released. The minor said she fell pregnant again when she was 15 years old and in Form III. She alleged that her father arranged that she be taken to Nelspruit to have another abortion. She said she returned and the sexual abuse continued and she fell pregnant yet again. She said her father told her that she was now aware of the procedure and gave her abortion tablets.

*Not real names

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