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MBABANE – “May I clarify that the matter is with the police. I have no control on their investigations, but if she feels strongly about the allegations she may go and confess to the police in order to release stress she is suffering from.”

These submissions were made by Principal Secretary (PS) in the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office, Makhosini Mndawe in the matter where he has been taken to court by the Under Secretary Hlobisile Dlamini. In her papers, Dlamini alleged that the PS had caused a toxic and unworkable environment as well as an unhealthy working relationship in the office. Dlamini is seeking an order to stop the PS from calling her to an investigation. She wants the court to stop the PS from proceeding with the intended investigation pending the hearing and finalisation of the grievances she lodged against the PS.


She wants an independent labour practising law attorney to be appointed to hear and determine the grievance that she lodged against Mndawe. In his answering affidavit, Mndawe averred that the allegations against the US were not administrative but bordered on forging and uttering, failure to follow government procedure which led to financial loss of government funds, overpricing and services among other things. “I have had a cordial relationship with the applicant but our source of trouble started when it came to my attention that the applicant was engaging suppliers without following procurement procedures and section 77 of the Constitution that requires that all agreements for the provision of services should be vetted by the Attorney General,” submitted Mndawe.

The PS  brought it to the attention of the court that he had attached a copy of one of the policy formulated by Cabinet which was a working tool for ministries dealing with procurement procedures, that Dlamini must explain if she followed it, taking cue from her colorful curriculum vitae. It was further his submission that the US ought to give an explanation on the forging and uttering allegations. “Furthermore, it came to my attention that she engaged Slomoes Corporation without following laid down procedure. Our good relationship started to be sour after I questioned her about these anomalies. I have no doubt that had the allegations as formulated responded to, we would be in good terms and she would not be suffering stress. As to why she is stressed when she could easily respond to the allegations is another mystery,” argued the PS.

Mndawe submitted that he was devastated by the alleged lies peddled by the applicant with no iota of evidence. He dismissed the allegations by the US that he caused a story to be published by The Independent News and Sunday Observer or any newspaper. The PS said he guessed that the US would accuse him in the replying affidavit that it was him who had published the current matter in the newspaper yet it was her who moved the application, when it was not a smart move to do so. He told the court that the applicant could not claim that she had been defamed.  


Mndawe further submitted  that in fact he suspected that the applicant was the one who went to the newspapers with the intention to defame him, but the journalists reported on what was available to the inclusive of the auditor’s report.   He claimed that the applicant wanted to defame him. “I can only speculate that during the interview she was busy saying, “...No besides that” or “As I was saying”, taking into account how she is so engrossed on her curriculum,” submitted the PS. It was further Mndawe submissions that the junior staff in the DPM’s office would respect the US once she addresses the elephant in the room. He alleged that the US was busy gloating about her work experience but failed to address the elephant in the room regarding the allegations. The matter is still pending in court and appearing for the applicant is Derrick Jele of Robinson Bertram while the respondents are represented by Assistant Attorney General Mbuso Simelane.

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