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SITEKI – Drama unfolded on Saturday at Malindza Umphakatsi when some children of the late Senator and businessman, Robert Zwane, are alleged to have almost exchanged blows following a heated argument that erupted during a meeting.

A source close to the matter claimed that the children had been summoned by the chiefdom on matters related to their household. The source alleged that some of the late businessman’s children had ganged up with their siblings who were born outside of wedlock. “The argument started after one of the children asked what the others, who were born out of wedlock, were doing as the matter was for the Zwane family members from wives who were recognised by the household.

 “They started exchanging heated words, threatening to manhandle each other and that is when one of the late senator’s sisters called police to intervene,” alleged the source.  


Further information relating to the incident could not be established and verified as none of the parties concerned wanted to comment on it. “Police were called and their arrival stopped what could have been a nasty situation,” alleged the source.

Deputy Police Information and Communications Officer Inspector Nosipho Mnguni, confirmed the matter. “We have a reported case of children of Robert Zwane with the police that happened over the weekend,” she briefly said.  Malindza Chiefdom leader, Chief Ndlondlo Tsabedze, who is also Siteki Eswatini National Court President, confirmed knowledge of the matter, although mentioning that it had not yet been officially reported to him.

“I heard that there was an argument between the Zwane children. But they were attended to by indvuna. I have not yet been officially informed about the matter,” Tsabedze said.

The chiefdom’s traditional Headman, Cijwa Dlamini, said he met the children on Saturday as they had been summoned on matters that needed the attention of the family. “They had come for matters that were within the jurisdiction of the chiefdom and to also thank the chief for his kind gesture he showed during their father’s burial. The Zwane family has been told to bring a report on the matters discussed before the end of the week. There was an argument that erupted as it happens in many families,” Dlamini said. 


The late Zwane’s senior son, Juluka, asked not to comment on the matter as he was not authorised to do so.

“Let me not comment about what happened as I am not authorised to do so,” he briefly said. When a mobile phone number of one of the wives was sought, Juluka said she had no mobile phone and abruptly ended the conversation.

The late former senator’s elder brother, Mkhuluza, Zwane, said he did not attend the meeting. “I did not attend that meeting and wasn’t part of it. I was also not informed about it because I had told them that we cannot go to the umphakatsi because we haven’t finished what we were assigned to do as a family. I don’t know about the fight,” he briefly said. 

Meanwhile, the former senator was buried last year in September after a memorial service which was held at the Metropolitan Church at Fairview North in Manzini. A month after his burial, this publication reported a family dispute among his children for his estate, in which police also intervened to calm the situation. In a similar case that happened recently, children of the Siteki Town Ward Two Councilor, Mvila Dlamini, were also embroiled in an estate dispute after his demise in January this year.

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