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MBABANE – The family of the late Prime Minister, Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini, has rubbished claims that the deceased may have been poisoned.

Allegations of the head of government being poisoned started circulating on social media immediately after the news of his passing on Sunday evening. A ‘fake’ autopsy, which insinuated that the PM died from food poisoning, was also circulated. 

In an interview with the PM’s father, Walter Mphatfwa Dlamini, he said his son tested positive for COVID-19 and was diabetic as well. 

He said his condition had deteriorated and as such he succumbed to complications from the virus on Sunday afternoon.

Walter noted that his son had not, however, communicated to him his latest health condition (being diabetic), but he had heard through the doctor’s reports.


According to Walter, he believes that his son inherited it from him as he is also diabetic and has blood pressure (hypertension). “I learnt of my condition after I was referred to the theatre to be operated on as I was suffering from prostate cancer,” the PM’s father said.

When questioned why the family decided to ensure that the premier received quality healthcare by moving him to a facility in neighbouring South Africa, Walter said it was government that suggested he be airlifted to SA. 

“We do not know why they decided on that, but we supported the idea as a family, knowing that our child belonged to the State,” he said.

He said the family was directed and guided by government on everything regarding the treatment of his late son.

He further refuted claims of some people who suggested alternative treatment for the late PM. 

This, after there were allegations that someone had suggested that traditional medicine be administered to the PM.

  He added that the family would have known as they were the ones who would have given concent for such treatment to be administered to him.  

“As his father, I am the one who would have given a go-ahead for him to change treatment from western medicine to traditional herbs.” 

Walter also mentioned that while a lot had been said about his son, he was still waiting for a formal update from government and the authorities of the country. 

“No one has said anything about my son’s passing on government’s side. I hope they will be coming to inform me of the sad news.”

It should be noted that the interview was conducted earlier on the day.


Meanwhile, community members also expressed their shock on the passing of the PM, adding that they were still hoping that it was a bad joke. 

They stated that when the PM was appointed, they were excited that someone from their area had been elevated to such a very important status in the country. 

Mary Ngwenya, a neighbour, said she was shocked about the situation and found it difficult to speak. Ngwenya said the premier was a hardworking man who had the nation’s interest at heart. 

“We know that he belonged to the entire nation but what we knew for sure was that when we told him about our problems, he would definitely assist us,” said Ngwenya. She noted that the PM was dealing with a lot, as when he assumed his position, there were many challenges facing the country. Ngwenya said they had hoped that he would serve his term fully and probably be appointed to serve another term.

“When we saw police cars at his homestead on Sunday afternoon, we had hoped that he had recovered and was visiting his home. Waking up to the news of the PM’s passing is just devastating to say the least,” Ngwenya said.  

Another resident, who identified herself as Make Maseko, said she did not believe the news and hoped something different would be communicated to them regarding the premier’s health status. She said they did not expect much from the PM, but were happy that he was from their community. 

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