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PIGG’S PEAK – A search for an alleged rapist ended badly when a police officer opened fire on another man, causing fatal injury.

The man (25), who was identified as Simanga Mpila, was shot dead around Sidvwashini under Ntfonjeni Inkhundla after an alleged scuffle with police officers.
Mpila is said to have been a friend to a man whom the police were looking for regarding a rape incident.

Trouble is said to have started when three police officers arrived at the alleged rapist’s place of abode in an attempt to arrest him.
This was after they had received a report that the wanted suspect was living with another person (Mpila).

Upon arrival, the police officers did not find the man they were pursuing, but his friend, who was later shot.
Just as the police were engaging Mpila, a scuffle is said to have ensued.  It is believed that the scuffle was further exacerbated when the police noticed some dagga in the house.


Mpila is said to have confronted one of the police officers in an aggressive manner, allegedly resulting in a scuffle over the law enforcer’s firearm.
It was allegedly during the scuffle that the firearm went off, causing fatal injury to Mpila.  Mpila is alleged to have jumped onto the police officer but the cop was quick to defend himself, resulting in the man being shot.

The incident happened at an area which is close to the South African borderline and the officers are said to have been concerned that he would grab the firearm and escape into the neighbouring country.

After the shooting, the man was rushed to the Pigg’s Peak Government Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.
Chief Police Information and Communications Officer Superintendent Phindile Vilakati confirmed the shooting.


Vilakati also stated that the police had gone to look for a rape suspect but that instead, another person tried to intervene.
She confirmed that the deceased had wrestled with a police officer over a firearm. It was during the scuffle, according to Vilakati, that a shot was fired, causing severe injury to the man who later died.

The alleged rape suspect is still on the run.
Noteworthy is that this publication recently reported about an incident where a thug tried to wrestle a member of the Umbutfo Eswatini Defence Force (UEDF) in an attempt to take his weapon.

The thug was shot in the leg causing severe injury.
He was rushed to the Siteki Government Hospital where he was admitted for treatment.

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