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MAHLANYA – Finally, Pastor Moses Muzi Warren has had his day of bliss.

Exactly two years after being cheated on by his then fiancé, something that prompted him to call off his planned wedding two months to the big day, Warren ultimately tied the knot yesterday at Ekuphumuleni Church in Zion, which is his place of worship.

At a ceremony graced by royalty, the man of God married 41-year-old Sitakele Lindiwe Dlamini, who is employed as a cleaner at Spar Supermarket in Matsapha. Their Majesties sent a message to Warren and his new wife on their wedding day.
His Majesty King Mswati III and Her Majesty the Queen Mother told Warren that he should now know that his new wife was not like any other woman he had ever come across.

They said Warren should therefore not compare her to any other woman. “You should know that this woman is a ‘can’t get’ who is yours and she will never be like anyone else. Even if other women can wear their berets in stylish fashion, you should know that they will never be like her,” Their Majesties said.
They spoke these words through National Secretary Nhlanhla Dlamini, who was in the company of Hhohho Regional Administrator Princess Tsandzile and League of Churches president Samson Hlatshwayo.

“Their Majesties said if you will stick to this principle, you will prosper in your marriage,” he said.
The bride was told that she too should know that Warren is also different from other men. “His Majesty said I should tell you that you should take care of Warren knowing the he is a unique person. God will be with you in your marriage journey,” Dlamini said.

He further said Their Majesties were grateful to everyone who had made Warren’s big day possible and were also sending their best wishes to the newlyweds. The couple’s journey has all the qualities of a love story, especially on the significance of the day they first met – Valentine’s Day.

The bride told the Times SUNDAY that they met On February 14, 2020 when Warren came to buy groceries at her place of work.
“I gave him my contact details that day and he then began sending me messages saying he loved me. After three months of persistence, I gave in to his advances. He would then come to the shop to talk to me and all along I thought him to be a Dlamini. I didn’t know that Warren was his surname,” she said with a smile.

She said Warren then decided to pop the question; saying he loved her so much he would like to make her his wife. “I gave him my response and said I did not believe there was a man who would marry me.
“He told me that he was serious about his proposal. I then saw through his deeds that he was indeed serious; he would come to the shop and talk to me without feeling embarrassed of talking to a cleaner. He even told my work colleagues that he loved me, which then showed that he meant what he was saying,” the bride said blushingly. 

She said she then agreed to the marriage proposal.
Describing their journey so far, she said: “In the little time I’ve been in love with him, I’ve learnt that he is short tempered. But God says we should know that we are in a ministry that calls for one to respect the other person’s shortcomings. I am not holy and Warren is also not an angel; so we will exercise patience with each other in everything that we do.”

Dumisa Dlamini, the Marriage Officer and President of Ekuphumuleni Church In Zion, said when Warren came and told them that he had fallen in love with someone, they set to find out if indeed this was true.

He said Warren insisted that he had found his soul mate and that he was the one who had proposed love to this woman.
“This got us excited and we asked to meet this woman to hear from her if indeed it was true that she was also in love with Warren. We met the woman and her family and asked her if she had indeed fallen in love with Warren and she confirmed this in front of her family. Today we are here with her family to witness the union between the lovebirds,” he said.

The marriage officer read from the biblical book of Genesis chapter 2 verses 16 to 18, which reads: “And the Lord God commanded the man, ‘You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die’. The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him’.”

He thanked God that Warren had found his helper and praised him for having remembered the warning of not eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. “But from today you shall eat of this fruit. As a result, today God says He shall find a helper for you and he has done exactly that; there is no other helper suitable for you except this one. May God keep you happy in your marriage until death do you part.” The officer said.

In August 2018, Warren called off his wedding after he claimed the woman he called the love of his life cheated on him with a man with whom she has a child. The pastor said he was heartbroken because he was looking forward to settling down with the woman who was his long time lover.
He had even sent out invitation cards and all was set for the big day
Wife told to give Warren ‘cake’

As the newly-wedded couple begin their new journey, there were wise words shared by members of the congregation on how to sustain their relationship.
The bride was told to ensure that she finished her household chores before her husband returns home from work. “Love your husband and take good care of him. Don’t give an opportunity to the Zodwas and Sibongiles out there who are always on the lookout for men,” said make Dlamini.

She said the bride should wash her husband’s clothes to make sure he is always looking smart; cook for him even if they have had a misunderstanding; and iron for him. “When he gets home you should be ready for him and go relax with him in the lounge room. You should then go to the bedroom where you should let Mr Warren ‘eat the cake’. Give it to him; give him even if you’re tired; that’s mamaland. A clever wife knows her home and works hard to keep it intact,” she stated.

On the other hand, Warren was also told about babaland, and this was shared by a male member of the congregation.
Warren was told that there was no room for laziness in the journey he had taken. “You should work hard during the day and at night. A husband doesn’t rest. He will rest when he dies,” said the congregant.    
He was told to take care of his wife and satisfy all her needs, including bringing money home.

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