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PIGG’S PEAK – The core function of police officers is to protect life and property but two women, who were allegedly assaulted by police officers, think otherwise.

Police officers are now being accused of turning to violence in an attempt to force people to stay at their homes amid the national partial lockdown.
The alleged assault by the police officers is said to have happened on Good Friday when the two women left their houses to get their phones charged.
The names of the two women will not be mentioned.

Since the women claimed that they lived at an informal settlement known as Macembeni where there is no electricity connection, they said they had to go to a nearby house around Mhlatane Township to get their phones charged.


However, they were stopped by police officers who questioned why they had not stayed at their respective homes.
According to *Thuli, as they were walking, a police van stopped next to them.
The police officer who was driving is said to have asked them why they were roaming the streets.

Noteworthy is that the beating allegedly happened near a house reserved for the Pigg’s Peak Police Station Commander.
“While we were still talking to the driver, two police officers alighted from the vehicle carrying sticks,” said Thuli. She said she was surprised that they were already carrying sticks in the vehicle, adding that they were probably looking for people to beat up.

Thuli said without asking any further questions, the police officers began to whip them.
She said her friend *Zama tried to shield herself using her hand as the police officer aimed for her upper body.
Zama said the incident happened so fast, but they were left with bruises on their bodies.

The two women said they then went to the police station to report the alleged assault, however, they were not immediately assisted.
They said they were instead told to return on another day but they insisted and ended up seeing a senior officer.


Zama said she was eventually assisted and was advised that her case would be attended to.
Thuli, however, alleged that she was not assisted as she admittedly said she became very vocal as she was furious after the alleged assault.
Chief Police Information and Communications Officer Superintendent Phindile Vilakati said the women should report the matter to the police.

Vilakati said she would not check whether the matter had been reported yet but stressed that the two women should report to the police.
In the past, Vilakati had urged that people who felt they were not being assisted at the Police Service Centre front desk had the right to request to speak to the station commander.

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