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PIGG’S PEAK – Nearly five months after the introduction of a new indvuna at Malanti Royal Kraal, the place where this introduction took place was brought to ruin yesterday under police guard.

In August 2019, Prince Mashila, who is also the chief of Maphalaleni, introduced Tintsitani Mnisi as the new indvuna of Malanti.


Mashila is said to be the Chief of Malanti and during his visit to the area in 2019, he said the place would now be called Maphalaleni Royal Kraal.
He is also the chief of Mabaleni and Meleti chiefdoms.
However, after the chief had introduced his preferred indvuna, some of the residents were not happy about this. Some residents still preferred Sihhamula II as their indvuna.

Prior to the visit by Prince Mashila, there had been two factions around Malanti with some residents supporting Sihhamula II while others were for Tintsitani.
Yesterday, police officers arrived with some men as well as a court deputy sheriff to destroy the structures which were constructed near the area’s gogo centre.


On the premises, there was a kraal as well as a stick and mud structure which was demolished.
Some of the residents attempted to take photos as the demolition was ongoing but they were stopped and the photos were quickly deleted.
One of the men who tried to take the photos was sternly warned that he was defeating the ends of justice.

Several residents continued to watch as the men accompanied by police officers demolished the structures using manpower.

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