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SITEKI – A man bit off a chunk of another’s nose during a funeral brawl at Sitsatsaweni area on Sunday, about 20 kilometres east of Siteki town.
Unconfirmed reports suggest that the assailant may have swallowed the chunk of the nose tissue after biting it off.

Witnesses said despite that frantic efforts were made by mourners to search for the part of the nose which was bitten of; it could not be found hence the belief that the assailant may have swallowed it.

The two men were reportedly fighting over a trivial matter but some witnesses believe that the duo had previously quarrelled over other matters.
Narrating how the brawl started, a witness said the man, whose part of his nose was bitten off, had attended the funeral with his lover, who is also the mother of his child.

At some point during the vigil, the victim was walking towards one of the entrances of the tent when the assailant smacked his lover’s buttocks sparking a quarrel, said the witness.


“The two men exchanged heated words for a moment before they started exchanging blows. Other people tried to separate them but they continued fighting,” the witness said.
As the two men were fighting, another joined in and splashed what looked like liquor on the face of the man who eventually had a chunk of his nose bitten off, the witness added.

“It was during that moment that we saw the other man biting off the nose of the other one. He also bit his neck, inflicting a serious wound,” the witness said.
People who were at the scene said moments after the nose had been bitten off, mourners frantically searched for it on the ground, but to no avail.
At the time, the man whose nose had been bitten off was bleeding profusely and writhing in pain.

His friends are said to have assisted in stopping the bleeding by providing a cloth to cover the wound.
He was eventually rushed to Good Shepherd Mission Hospital in Siteki, where he was treated and discharged.
When he was called yesterday, the man described his injuries as very serious, further confirming that a chunk of his nose was bitten off.

“I also suffered a serious wound to the neck,” he said, while also stating that he was allegedly provoked by the man who bit off his nose.
Chief Police Information and Communications Officer Superintendent Phindile Vilakati confirmed the matter, further adding that there were many squabbles between mourners during the funeral.


She said the man whose nose was bitten off was attended to by police on Sunday and he was given a ‘police report of the injuries’ so that he could get treatment in hospital.
However, Vilakati said the man did not open case after he was discharged from hospital.
“He must come to the police station to record an official statement so that we can deal with his matter,” Vilakati said.

On Wednesday, the man told this reporter that police had promised to come to his home so that he could record a statement.
He said since the police had not come to his home, he would go to the police station on Thursday (yesterday) to open a case against the attacker.
However, the police spokesperson said he did not come to the police station.

The brawl took place during a funeral of a popular Siteki socialite, who died suddenly last week, following a short illness.
Meanwhile, a week ago, a man was stabbed to death and another was shot and wounded by police during a bar brawl near one of the popular night spots in Siteki town.

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