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 MBABANE – “He told us that an albino must be found, killed and get the body parts which will make all of us rich.
He said he was going to make muti for luck (Inhlanhla yemali).”

A liSwati Zion prophet has spilled the beans on how the child who had albinism was killed in the Republic of South Africa and how some of those alleged to be involved in the murder fought over her body parts.


Bongani Mgutshwa of New Heaven in the Shiselweni Region, who is now an accomplice witness in the matter, has since recorded a statement with the South African police where he narrated events leading to the murder of the minor and mutilation of her body.

A local traditional healer, Mfanasibili Muthi Gamedze, who is also incriminated in the murder, has since been arrested by the Royal Eswatini Police Service and the South African Government has since filed an application for his extradition.
In his statement, Mgutshwa stated how they chopped the body parts of the child with albinism.

He narrated that before they parted ways, Gamedze and another accused, Thokozani Msibi, started arguing over the head. Thokozani, according to Mgutshwa, argued that they could not share the head.
He alleged that he then intervened on how they could share the head.
Some of the contents of his submission cannot be printed due to their explicit nature.

Mgutshwa informed the police that after that, he buried the body of the child in a shallow grave.
Narrating how he came to be implicated in the matter, Mgutshwa stated that he knew Msibi as his neighbour and he grew up with his younger brothers.
“It happened one night; I went to church as I am a member of the Zion Church. On that day, I was prophesying at the church, Msibi was impressed with my talent but he did not tell me,” said Mgutshwa.


He submitted that in May 2017, he received a call from Msibi, who informed him that he had a special job for him to prophesy at his place in Witbank, Republic of South Africa.
He said they made an arrangement to meet and go to Witbank and they stayed together at his place known as Extension 14.  He stated that in June 2017, he found out that Msibi bought another place at Extension 16 where they were to practise ‘healing people.’

“In December 2017, Msibi told me and other two guys, known as Thulani and Mthobisi, that we must get a person who has albinism. 
He told us that the body parts would make us rich,” said Mgutshwa.

Mgutshwa asserted that on the very same month, before he went back home (Kingdom of Eswatini), he heard Msibi and Gamedze saying they had indentified the place where the albino could be found. 
He said at that time, he did not know the place.


On March 2, 2018, Mgutshwa said he went back to Witbank at Msibi’s place and he did not find him. He alleged that he called him to inform him that he was around and that he was at his place. “He told me to go to the middle of the consultation hut (indumba). I went there and found a bottle of Mayonnaise containing fats and something like meat. He later told me that he was coming,” said the accomplice witness.


According to Mgutshwa, on the same day, Msibi eventually arrived, he found him seated outside his (Msibi) house.
“He went to indumba the and came back with the bottle of the mayonnaise which I previously saw in the hut. He explained to me that inside the bottle, there is a private part, breasts and fats from the albino,” submitted Mgutshwa.
He went on to disclose that Msibi further told him that they went to a place called Hlalanikalile where they broke in and kidnapped the child with albinism whom they later murdered.  Msibi is reported to have also told Mgutshwa that the body of the albino was hidden at a place called Callinum.

Mgusthwa further said: “After a few days he (Msibi) called Gamedze, he told him that we are going to Callinum to get some body parts of the albino. We took three buckets with two knives and a spade.”
He alleged that while they were driving there, they were drinking alcoholic beverages so that they could have ‘Dutch courage’.


He narrated that he saw the vehicle they were driving in approaching the bush and together with Gamedze, they then alighted. The way was reportedly being led by Gamedze, who was also the one who showed them where the corpse was hidden.
The corpse, according to Mgutshwa, was hidden in a shallow grave.

“They then told me to dig on the head and I took a spade and did as instructed. I found that the body was that of the albino and it was covered with a black plastic bag. We then began cutting off the body parts,” said Mgutshwa.

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