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MANZINI – A child with a disability is exposed to harsh conditions as her family forces her to stay in a make-shift structure.
This is a gory tale of a teenager, who is isolated and lives like a dog due to the fact that she is physically incapacitated.

The teenager lives at Mhlaleni in the Manzini Region.
Mhlaleni is located between the two major towns, Manzini and Mbabane, about seven kilometres from the famous city of Manzini.
*Nomsa (17), is a girl with a disability, as her feet are wriggled across each other.

According to her stepfather *Velaphi, the girl has never had the privilege to walk ever since she was born.


He said he found the child with the challenge when he met her mother.

He claimed that the child’s biological father denied paternity, a scenario that propelled him to assume responsibility of the child as her official guardian.
He also mentioned that the child was mentally challenged. 

He pointed out that at first they tried to accommodate the minor in the family house, but due to the fact that she was physical challenged, she would frequently soil herself inside the house if there was no one around to assist her.

Velaphi said the whole house would stink as the child would also  urinate all over the house.
“Nobody can live with her,” he exclaimed. 

The stepfather claimed that the situation was so unbearable to a point that they decided to relocate the girl to the make-shift structure to remedy the situation.
The girl has been residing in the make-shift structure in order for almost two years now.

The make-shift structure is constructed out of timber with spaces in between, allowing cold air into the structure.
The structure also has a leaking roof and during rainy days, water seeps through, a scenario that poses hazardous effects to the health of the child.
During a visit to the place last week, this reporter walked inside the structure and was welcomed by an old bed which appeared to be covered in urine  and a wet blanket.    

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