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SIBUKWENI – The dam is average in size but the manner in which people are said to have died in it, is so strange such that it is now referred to it as a ‘deadly dam’.

Mvuleni Dam is situated at Sibukweni in Ekutsimuleni Chiefdom under Mkhiweni Inkhundla.
The superstitions surrounding the dam, where three people have died and left another suffering from a mental disorder, has created anger among the community members.

As a result of the superstitions, the police and authorities of the community intervened more than once to stop a group of community members who wanted to carry out a mob justice attack on a Jericho Church member, who is also a traditional healer, whom they accused of being behind the strange drownings in the dam.

As a result of the hysterics among the Ekutsimuleni and Dvokolwako community members, who are benefiting from the dam, the authorities of the two chiefdoms called a prayer service at the so called deadly dam yesterday.


It was revealed during the prayer service that even though the dam was constructed in 1965, but unusual death took place in 2012. They said the boy allegedly went missing for a week and the community members in partnership with police searched around the area, including the dam but in vain. However, they said on the seventh day, he was discovered floating in the dam.


They said a few years later, another boy, who was walking next to the dam, survived after he was pulled by an unseen force to the dam. They said from there, the boy’s mind was somehow disturbed as he suffered from a mental disorder.
On May 1, 2018, they said a man went to fetch water with his car from the dam. They said he parked the car at a distance from the dam and proceeded to fetch the water using containers.

While fetching the water, they alleged that he saw the car reversing into the dam yet he had pulled the handbrake and the surface was almost flat.
“He jumped into the car in a bid to  pull up the hand brake  but once he was inside, the doors and windows locked,” alleged one community member who alleged she saw the whole thing happen.


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