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PIGG’S PEAK – If I can’t have you, no one else will. This appeared to be the message of a 23-year-old former pupil of Mlumati, who stabbed a 19-year-old female pupil from Emkhuzweni High School.

The man, who stabbed the teenage pupil, eventually committed suicide after committing the crime.
This is one of the many incidents which have been recorded in the past couple of weeks relating to violence against women.

The incidents are also happening at a time when the world is celebrating International Women’s Day, which is commemorated for the duration of March.
The gruesome incident happened on Wednesday evening, about a kilometre away from the school where the pupils had gone for sports games.

It is alleged that the man had been in a relationship with the female pupil but they had broken up because the girl is said to have complained about him being violent and abusive.

According to some of the pupils who were reached for comment, it is suspected that Senzo Nyambi first got hold of a uniform for Gija Emkhuzweni High School where the girl is a pupil.


He is said to have arrived at the school wearing the uniform so that he could be mistaken a pupil from that school.
Some of the pupils are said to have asked what he was doing at the school but he allegedly told them that he was joining the school as a new pupil.
Little did they know that he was in fact stalking *Jane, who plays volleyball at the school.

The pupils said when they headed for the sports ground, he also followed them and formed part of the group.
“We then noticed that he was going after one of the soccer players,” said the pupils.

It appeared that he was stalking Jane, according to some pupils, who revealed that he would sometimes call her and let her know that he was watching her.
Earlier, Jane is said to have confided in other pupils that she was so terrified of him that the school intervened.

Just last week Thursday, Jane is said to have had problems with her attacker and had to be taken away from the school and returned the following day.  The bone of contention is that  Nyambi had been accusing the girl of dating another person as the reason for their break-up but it is alleged that she ended the relationship because she feared for her life as he was said to be violent.


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