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MBABANE - Has the Central Transport Administration (CTA) defied the prime minister’s directive on the ban of tenders?

This question comes after the Swaziland Public Procurement Regulatory Agency (SPPRA) issued out a tender for the hire and delivery of vehicles to companies on its website.

The tender stipulated that the vehicles to be hired included single cabs, double cabs, eight-seater kombis, 14/16 kombis, semi luxury coaches, full luxury coaches, refrigerated trucks and caravans.
It is worth noting that this tender was issued after the newly-appointed Prime Minister, Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini, made a directive that the issuance of tenders should be stopped as means to revive the fiscal crisis in the kingdom.

The tender No.12 of 2019/2020, did not specify the value of the tender. The deadline for the tender application would be on January 18, 2019 at 9am.


According to an impeccable source, the issuing of the tender was something they were doing as procedure.  He said tenders had been done to ensure that there was availability of vehicles in cases where the need to utilise them came up.
The source further stated that despite the instruction by the PM, a tender was issued as per the normal procedure which had always been applied to hire vehicles.

“This is done so that government can be in a position to outsource vehicles in case visitors from outside the country came, and for the purpose of State duties,” the source elaborated. The source further mentioned that the current tender, which was in effect would expire on March 31, 2019. He explained that once a tender was due, it was renewed after three months.
Meanwhile, SPPRA Chief Executive Officer Madoda Mngometulu, confirmed the issuance of the tender.


However, when questioned as to what the purpose of issuing the tender was, despite the prime minister’s directive to stop government from hiring, he stated that he was not in a position to answer that as their responsibility was to verify and not approve tenders.
“The tender has been advertised on our website because it has been screened by the SPPRA. It was verified and was found to be in line with the laws of procurement,” said Mngometulu.

Meanwhile, the issuing of the tender by SPPRA to hire vehicles raised uncertainties among unions. Swaziland National Association of Teachers Secretary General Sikelela Dlamini, expressed his disappointment on the tender as he predicted that it would have negative impacts on the country.
“If the head of government would say one thing in Parliament but something different happens on the ground, it clearly shows that problems will arise,” said Dlamini.

He further stated that it would show that we had not been honest as a nation in our utterances that our country was facing financial woes. Government Spokesperson Percy Simelane said he was not aware of any tendering processes that were going on. “Actually, the Press Office does not handle purchases and tendering but government and State departments do,” said Simelane.

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