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MANZINI – A well-known male member of the royal family and his friend are accused of allegedly kidnapping, drugging and raping a teenage UNESWA student.

The prince in question is a son to one of the late senior princes and his alleged accomplice is a classmate of the complainant. The prince and his friend will not be named for now as they have not made a court appearance. According to a source close to the matter, the 19-year-old University of Eswatini (UNISWA) student was allegedly kidnapped by the duo while she was enjoying proceedings of an opening bash which was held at Kwaluseni Campus from Friday night to Saturday morning. The source alleged that while the student was enjoying herself at round 3am on Saturday, one of her male classmates allegedly told her that there was umntfwanenkhosi (a prince) outside who wanted to get to know her. Without any suspicions, the source alleged that the teenage girl went with her classmate to where the prince was within the university campus.

“When she got to the prince’s vehicle, her classmate asked her to get into the front passenger seat. “Her classmate was quick to say they all had to rush somewhere as he had to pick someone from a certain location. The prince introduced himself to the teenage girl and within a short period of time, her classmate vanished and when he returned, he further begged that they leave the university and head to the unknown destination. He assured her that they would return soon,” the source alleged. It was also gathered that before the teenage girl could even agree to the unplanned trip, the prince allegedly locked his vehicle and drove off while the teenager made unsuccessful attempts to open the door. “Along the way, they offered her an energy drink which she refused to take. However, after they had persuaded her to at least take one sip of the drink, she eventually agreed.

After drinking the energiser, the teenage girl started feeling disoriented. Even though she could not remember events leading to the incident, she recalled being assisted by the prince and her classmate to alight from the car and get into a room in one of the guest houses situated in the outskirts of the city of Manzini,” the source alleged. When questioned after the alleged rape incident, the university student is said to have told the police that she remembered being allegedly raped by both the prince and her classmate at the guest house. “The prince first had sexual intercourse with me and my classmate was next. I was a bit sedated and could not even stop them or defend myself.

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