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MBABANE - The Gamedze family is alleged to have acknowledged and accepted Nosipho as the child of the late Victor Gamedze.

This was disclosed by Jabulani Gamedze, who claims to be the biological brother of the late businessman and football administrator. Jabulani alleged that he was the biological brother of the late Victor, born of the same father, but different mothers. In his confirmatory affidavit, he submitted that Victor’s wife, Lungile was aware of Nosipho, who is allegedly  the second-born child of the late businessman. “Her (Lungile) knowledge of Nosipho goes back as early as when Nosipho was three and half years old,” submitted Jabulani. He averred that his knowledge emanated from the fact that his late brother (Victor) had always informed them that Lungile was allegedly not happy about the birth of Nosipho, hence she allegedly did not want her to join the family.

He disclosed this in a confirmatory affidavit in the matter where Nosipho had been taken to court by Victor’s wife Lungile, who wants the court to compel her (Nosipho) to undergo a paternity test. “I know Nosipho Gamedze as the child of the deceased and Nontsikelelo Christabel Hlatshwayo,” submitted Jabulani. He went on to state that Nosipho was accepted as a Gamedze child through different events and customary ceremonies that took place. “I am aware that at the age of three, Nosipho, in the company of her maternal family, was brought to our homestead at Siphofaneni to be acknowledged and accepted by the Gamedze family,” alleged Jabulani. According to Jabulani, Nosipho was acknowledged and accepted as per Swazi Law and Custom, where a goat was slaughtered and a small festivity held to welcome her to the Gamedze family.

He alleged that present at home were him, their late father Gizane Gamedze, their mother LaShongwe (who is still alive), Auntie Yeye Gamedze (late) and her husband Nkambule.
The event, according to Jabulani, was a follow-up to other earlier visits that took place before in Big Bend, when Nosipho’s mother was pregnant and when she (Nosipho) was few months old, after her birthday. He went on to confirm that Nosipho’s mother and maternal family were directed to Siphofaneni by his late brother, Victor, after he had consulted them.
Jabulani claimed that Lungile was also aware of Victor’s move. “To my knowledge, my sister-in- law (Lungile) has been fully aware of all my brother’s children during their union, including Nosipho. She recently attested to that at our big family meeting called by the Gamedze’s to discuss her family issues after the death of my brother,” averred Jabulani.


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