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MBABANE – The Prime Minister Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini, is not going down without a fight.

This, he made clear yesterday in the House of Assembly when he, at length, debated why he deserved a retirement home.
Dlamini went as far as including the King’s name, whom he said had even allocated the piece of land where the PM’s house would be constructed.

He said in the location which had been approved by the King, there was no house that was under E10 million.  Dlamini said he would, however, not state which location it was for now.

“Angeke kube lidlokolo (the house will not be a shack or substandard),” said Dlamini.
The PM, who was speaking in a very shaky voice which got the legislators worried, said he deserved the house because those were the provisions of Finance Circular No.2 of 2013.

The bone of contention between the PM and the Members of Parliament (MPs) was that the latter wanted to reduce the budget allocation of E5.5 million of the house to E3 million.

Nkwene MP Sikhumbuzo Dlamini said the house was too expensive, particularly since the designs alone were E1.5 million.

However, the PM said those were the provisions of Circular No.2, which he deserved for a man in his position. He said during the Ninth Parliament, there was Finance Circular No.1 of 2010 which had been created by Cabinet, however, during one of the Sibaya meetings, the nation called for its removal.

“The resolution was that a Royal Commission be put in place by the King which he duly did and they came up with the new conditions of service,” said the PM.
The leader of Cabinet business said the new Circular stipulated that the PM must be respected and that when he vacated office, he must be constructed a house, a car which would be filled up by government and pension.”

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