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MBABANE – Has the belief in witchcraft gripped schools in the same way it is a challenge in the soccer fraternity. 

It would seem the belief in witchcraft, common in football circles, has found a new home in schools. This stems from how teachers in two schools reported incidents of suspected witchcraft.

One of the schools is St Michael’s, an all girl institution based in the country’s hub while the other is Enthandweni Primary, situated in the Lubombo region, next to Sikhuphe.   

At St Michael’s High School, a prayer session was quickly convened after a pile of sand with a substance, which looked like vomit, was discovered in one of the offices under one of the cabinets, while at Enthandweni primary, some teachers are uncomfortable after seeing their head teacher, a self-confessed Zionist, dressed in her church garb, walking past the school to her place of abode.

What further has the teachers in jitters was the discovery of a white substance at the doorstep to one of the classrooms.
Interpreting both scenarios, Chairman of the Witchdoctors’ Association Makhanya Makhanya noted that something was amiss.
Starting with Enthandweni Primary, Makhanya said the discovery of the whitish substance means that the teachers suspect one another of practising witchcraft. “Some believe that salt can be used to neutralise muti while some believe that they would be cleansed by sprinkling chicken blood.”

He said these rituals were usually performed after people had consulted witchdoctors who would advise them on what to do after liaising with ancestors.
Makhanya said it should be noted that sometimes witchdoctors were economical with the truth and this resulted in people getting into conflicts.

About the pile of sand found at St Michaels; “Sidvuli sekuvala intfo lembi leyenteka.”
He made an example that when a woman had a miscarriage, the stillborn would be buried in the pile of sand so that she would never experience such again. “Kukhona lokumphahla kona loko,” he opined.

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