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SITEKI – A motorist and his friend survived after the vehicle they were travelling in overturned while allegedly fleeing from the police.

The motorist also claims traffic police officers forced him to undergo a breath test while he was writhing in pain following the accident.
The driver, who asked not to be named, said he was driving a black VW (Golf 1) just hours into the new year when his vehicle overturned near Phuzumoya, along the Siphofaneni/Big Bend public road.

He said the vehicle overturned while they were fleeing from a police vehicle which had been pursuing them for over 10 kilometres.
He said he had thought the car pursuing him were hijackers, not police officers. The driver said he was with a friend when the vehicle swerved sharply and veered off the road before rolling several times.

He said after the accident, he extricated himself from the wreckage and left his friend still trapped and bleeding profusely.
As he lay on the ground writhing in pain, he said traffic police officer told him that he needed to blow into an alcoholmeter.

“I told the officer that I was injured and that I needed to be rushed to hospital but he insisted that I should blow into the alcoholmeter. I complied and I blew into the alcoholmeter five times but on the sixth attempt, I refused,” said the driver.

At that moment, the driver said good Samaritans came by and extricated his injured friend from the wreckage before calling paramedics.
He said while paramedics were administering first aid to him and his seriously injured friend, police stood at a distance for a while before they left.

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