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When will this government ever stop the reckless use of taxpayers’ money?

Once again we have another episode of wanton salary adjustments that have no justification given the dire state of our economy.   
We have a government that is living from hand to mouth, going behind everybody’s backs to award its senior employees hefty salary increases right in the middle of protracted salary talks with public servants.

If there ever was any doubt about the level of significance of public sector unions as equal partners when it comes to negotiating with government, then by-passing the Joint Negotiation Forum  (JNF) presents the obvious.

The secret ‘Dvuladvula’ validates the long held belief that there are those who are more equal than others in this country.
The have-nots have been told in no uncertain terms that there is absolutely no money for them.
This heinous act by government is worse than an insult, not just to the unions but also to the hundreds of businesses still waiting for their paycheque for services rendered.

 It is also highly inconsiderate of the sick patients who are turned back at health facilities due to drug shortages, not to mention the children with no food in schools and more.
In the midst of all this, we have a Cabinet that is swinging on leather seats in air-conditioned offices seemingly oblivious of the consequences of these insensitive actions that are not only hardening the hearts of loyal citizens, but are dragging the entire country down to their destructive levels of reasoning. 
Clearly, all ears are plugged to the repeated warnings to cut spending, reduce the wage bill and focus on priority areas that will generate wealth, not discord and poverty for this country.
 It is high time our Cabinet was held fully accountable for its poor decision-making.

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