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NGABEZWENI – Thathile thathile.

Those were the words of His Majesty King Mswati III when speaking against divorce at Engabezweni Royal Residence yesterday.
This comes soon after the office of the Attorney General drafted the Marriage Bill of 2017.
This new Bill carries five grounds of divorce and if passed to law, it will render null and void the existing Marriage Act of 1964.
The King was addressing local pastors who had come for the annual Easter service held at the royal residence.

His Majesty likened marriage to a covenant with God. He said it was wrong for people to break agreements made with God. He said that in siSwati, there was no word for divorce.
He said Swazis got to learn of the word as time went by. “In our culture, once you marry someone, there is no turning back,” the King said.
The King said pastors had to educate people that once they got married, there was no pulling out. He also said pastors should teach people to clean their closets before entering into marriage.
His Majesty raised his concern over the way some pastors prayed for congregants.

He said it was disturbing to learn that some people who called themselves pastors used insecticides, which they claimed came from heaven, when praying for people.
The King also lamented on pastors who performed ‘miracles’, which included people eating and vomiting rats. He said those were not real miracles.
The King said real miracles should be the same as those in the bible. He made an example of Moses who saw the burning bush and also had his rod turn into a snake by God. He said those were real miracles from God.
“Labanye bafundisi ubabona sebathandazela ngemphama, labanye bafaka sibhakela, kani labanye bafaka ne karate solo batsi bayathandazela,” the King exclaimed.

This can be loosely translated to mean that some pastors slap, punch, while others even exhibit karate skills when praying for people. The King encouraged pastors to emulate Jesus and how he prayed for people.
He said bibles should not be read as if they were novels.
“It is disturbing to learn that some pastors even use muti on each other and I cannot help but wonder whether they are fighting each other to win God or what,” wondered the King.
The King said that the church should be united. He said unity in the church would foster unity in the nation. He said Christians should not fast for others to die so that they could take their positions or wealth.
The King spoke after a number of pastors had also spoken about the topics he touched on. One of them was Bishop Hebert Mavimbela, from Ekuphileni Church in Zion.

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