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MAFUTSENI – Four male aspiring soldiers tried to hitchhike their way through to the finals of the army recruitment exercise at Mafutseni but were caught and punished for about an hour and a half.

The quartet was among the first 15 male aspiring soldiers who were selected for further exercises but a vigilant instructor spotted them and they were disqualified.

Furthermore, they were punished for failing to follow the orders which were explained clearly to them before the 3.2km run started.
They are said to have boarded a grey Mazda sedan which did not have registration plates and it dropped them off just before the finish line.
Meanwhile, a number of aspiring soldiers turned back after seeing their competitors boarding the car. They said it was pointless for them to continue running because the race was unfair.

As punishment, at around 9:30am, they were ordered to do some push-ups, which were followed by sit-ups. They were also ordered to lie on their backs and face the sun.
Again, they were instructed to ‘sit on an invisible chair’ while holding their ears with their hands.

While on the same position, they were ordered to walk forward and backwards. 
They also jumped forward and backward while standing with their toes on the ground and hands holding their ears.

Moreover, the quartet was ordered to pose like a urinating male dog for about 20 minutes before they were freed to go and drink water at 11am.
Their names were registered by the Inkhundla and they were told that it would be kept as reference in case they get involved in criminal activities.

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