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MANZINI – Primary and high schools in Swaziland will now only teach Christianity in the Religious Education syllabus. 

This means that pupils will no longer be taught using any other religious book except for the Holy Bible. Previously, the Religious Education syllabus consisted of topics on Christianity, Islam, Baha’i faith and Swazi ancestors.

Prime Minister Sibusiso Dlamini had earlier hinted that government was looking at allowing only Christianity as part of the Religious Education syllabus.

Confirming the latest developments was the Ministry of Education and Training yesterday.
The new arrangement is effective immediately when schools open next week. The decision was shared with school head teachers at a meeting held at Prince Mfanyana Hall in Manzini. Another resolution that was made and announced by the ministry was that Religious Education would now be a core subject at schools.

This means that every pupil will now be obligated to learn it.  
As expected, the meeting did not go without a few concerns from the head teachers on the position that has been taken by government. 
Explaining the decision was the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Pat Muir, who said they were targeting two things; firstly the ability for school children to differentiate between morality and immorality and also to ensure that children were not confused. He said they believed Christianity was the best way to achieve this. 

“When they reach university or go to college, they will then be able to make a decision on whether they want to learn about other religions because then they will be matured and will not be easily confused,” said Muir.

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