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MBABANE – A man collapsed and died while waiting to be prayed for in one of the famous churches at Sidwashini, Mbabane during a Sunday service.

The 57-year-old man was from Nginamadvolo in Pigg’s Peak and a case of sudden death was opened with the police.
According to sources, the man was visiting the church which holds its services in a warehouse at Sidwashini, with his daughters.
Some of the congregants said they did not see what happened but only witnessed a commotion after the man had collapsed.

A post-mortem will be conducted on the body of the man to determine the cause of death as an enquiry case has been opened with the police.
The man is said to have arrived at the church just when the service had started and he sat down among other congregants.
It was gathered that the pastor then called for those wishing to be prayed for to stand up so he could lay his hands on them.

The man is said to have also stood up and waited for his turn to be prayed for, however, he collapsed.
At first, it was thought that it could be the ‘normal’ collapse of congregants who then come back to their senses after a couple of minutes.
However, in this instance, first aid had to be administered to the man after it became clear that he was not regaining consciousness and emergency services personnel and the police were called.

The man was rushed to hospital where he was certified dead by medical practitioners.
The pastor of the church, when reached for comment regarding the incident, said they prayed for a lot of sick people in the church and they had doctors who attended their services as well.

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