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image Prime Minister Sibusiso Dlamini, his mother-in-law Vusiwe Maziya and his wife Joy during the lobola ceremony in 2014.

NKAMANZI – Prime Minister Sibusiso Dlamini and his wife Pastor Joy have been living apart for almost two months now, after she returned to her parental home at Nkamanzi.
This was confirmed by the premier’s mother-in-law Vusiwe Maziya (nee) Tsela on Tuesday.

Maziya said she was not sure why her daughter, who has been married to the prime minister for two years now, had returned home to stay with them.
“She was brought back by an escort with her luggage and she has been here for almost seven weeks now. She travels from here to work and back every day, using the government car that was officially assigned to her.”
Maziya said the car fetched her daughter from home every morning and brought her back in the afternoon.

“On weekends she remains at home and the car does not usually come for her until on Monday,” said the elderly woman.
When asked what her daughter said was the purpose of her visit, Maziya said she said her husband had told her to return home.

“We convened a meeting as a family trying to figure out what the meaning of the visit could be and we failed, especially because the visit was now lengthy, which gives us a clue that there could be something wrong.”


She said the family agreed to seek audience with the prime minister over the matter but the emissary who was sent to arrange for an appointment said the premier allegedly said he was not yet ready to meet the Maziyas.
“We are still in the dark as to what happened and we are still nursing hope that my son-in-law will tell us when he is ready to meet us because we really need to know why he sent his wife back,” she said.

Adding, Maziya said when the prime minister’s wife returned home, they were overwhelmed with joy thinking that she was just paying them a visit and would return to her marital home soon.
“When days and weeks went by, we became worried and we could tell that something was not right even though she does not tell us exactly what the issues are.”


The prime minister’s wife did not bring enough clothes probably because she could not have carried all her belongings as she had not anticipated such a lengthy stay.
Maziya, who spends most of her time at a church mission at Lozitha, said she was so much addicted to prayer such that she prayed almost every hour.

“I am just hoping that God will provide a solution to this whole thing because this couple is not just an ordinary couple but a dignified power couple who each command individual respect.”

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