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MBABANE – A maid, together with her baby, was chauffeured from Chief Justice (CJ) Michael Ramodibedi’s house yesterday to buy some food items.

The maid, who is from Lesotho, was taken to town by the CJ’s driver. The woman was still carrying the baby when she returned along with the food parcels and they entered through a slightly opened door. The maid stays in a cottage within the CJ’s residence.
It is not the first time a person has left the CJ’s residence to purchase some items.

Last Friday, the CJ’s son also left the residence and returned carrying two large plastic bags.
His brief shopping coincided with the CJ’s 70th birthday.

Police Information and Communications Officer Assistant Superintendent Khulani Mamba confirmed that the maid went into the CJ’s residence. The movement, with ease, of some members of the CJ’s family in and out of his residence has left journalists wondering why the police were not using such opportunities to enter the house and arrest the CJ.

Mamba said they were still waiting for negotiations between the two countries, Lesotho and Swaziland, to be concluded.
The CJ locked himself and his family in the house after officials from the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) and the police arrived at his residence to effect an arrest. A warrant of the CJ’s arrest was issued on April 18, 2015 and within minutes, police officers, in collaboration with ACC officials, were at the CJ’s compound.

Police officers have been ‘camping’ outside the CJ’s house waiting to arrest him as soon as he comes out of the house.

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Nomshado on 29/04/2015 09:35:51
If the police are still waiting for negotiations between Swaziland and Lesotho to be concluded then why have more than one policemen manning the premises? Don't the police have better work to do?
Mpho on 29/04/2015 10:27:49
There should be no negotiations or talks between Lesotho and Swaziland. If Ramodibeli has to be arrested he has to. Criminals or corrupt people have no status once they have broken the rule of law. Let the law take it's course.

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