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MBABANE – Secretary General of the Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT) Muzi Mhlanga lost one of his front teeth and is suffering from painful private parts after an alleged scuffle with police.

The incident is said to have happened last Saturday when police officers stopped a meeting organised by the Trade Union Congress of Swaziland (TUCOSWA). The meeting was scheduled to be held at the SNAT Centre in Manzini.

Mhlanga alleged that he was dragged for about 20 metres, while about 15 police officers held him by his private parts.
In an interview yesterday, Mhlanga said he had just returned from Lusaka, Zambia, where he had gone to attend a meeting of regional leaders of teachers’ organisations.

“Upon return home on Friday afternoon, I found that there would be a meeting of executive officials of TUCOSWA and the meeting was to be held at the SNAT Centre.
“As I approached the main gate to the venue of the meeting, I found a contingent of police officers, who were all over the gate. I walked inside and found other officials in the boardroom. While preparing to convene our meeting, the police came and ordered us out of the boardroom.

“They told us that we cannot proceed with the meeting. They then drove us out of the boardroom. We moved out and got inside our bus and locked ourselves inside. While inside, police surrounded the bus. They then moved to the back of the SNAT bus and forcefully opened its back side. That is when they grabbed me and pulled me out of the vehicle,” Mhlanga alleged.

“They then dragged me for about 20 metres from the bus before they started kicking me all over the body. While sprawled on the turf, someone kicked me in the  mouth. I felt like there was sand in my mouth. All this happened outside the SNAT Centre premises, on the road leading to Manzini Central High.

“When I tried to spit, blood and a white stone-like thing came out of my mouth. I then took it and discovered that it was one of my front teeth. Blood then oozed out and they left me lying on the ground,” Mhlanga further alleged.

 He said the security guard who was manning the gate was allegedly forced by the police to hand over the keys to them. 
He said after that, other members of the executive decided to take him to hospital, where he was treated for bruises all over the body. A medical report that is in this publication’s possession confirms that Dr Themba Ntiwane treated Mhlanga on Saturday (March 14, 2015), at 1pm.

The report states that the clothes Mhlanga was wearing were slightly soiled and he had bruises on the back of his shoulders and neck.
Other injuries that he suffered, according to the report, were on his private parts and had bruises on his calf and upper hip.

Comments (5 posted):

Tivetile on 19/03/2015 08:41:53
Why do people like Muzi still bother to attend and call prohibited meetings? Today he's missing a tooth tomorrow it may be a leg. I suggest he ditches politics and sticks to teaching.
zanele pinky on 19/03/2015 09:18:11
eyi,,,ndzabasiytsini yona le????
Asanda on 19/03/2015 09:48:10
How long are we going to allow ourselves to be brutalized by tpolice officers? What happened to Muzi shows the extent that police go in trying to squash dissent in the country. Like it was once said, there comes a time when a people decide that enough is enough and fight back. I guess this is the time for us as Swazis not to allow ourselves to be brutalized but to fight fire with fire.
phumuza on 19/03/2015 14:05:34
sometimes i hate 2 be a swazi. lentfo lesentiwa yona..
Phiwa Makhanya on 19/03/2015 19:25:22
All those cops for one tooth. Nice headline Times.

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